Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mid-winter blues

Looking to capture the sunlight as it shines on my kitchen-window flowers.
Sunlight kissing the tulip's lips.

Winter plods along. It's cold, but that's normal. The strange thing is, we don't have much snow this year. Which is bad and good. Good because who wants tons of snow? (except skiers, of course). I'd rather less snow to melt when the weather warms up.

Bad - because not much snow means not much insulation for our water drainage hose (buried under the front lawn). And that means a frozen hose, so water backs up into the basement.

This water we're talking about is coming from our water softener, which drains into the sump pump. Now the sump pump's job is to pump out water before it backs up into the house. Normally it does a good job. But with ice freezing the connecting hose to the outside, there is nowhere for water to go. Like hitting a brick wall. It splats all over the basement floor.

I discovered it this morning, while going into the basement to check on the furnace humidifier. The day before, I had gone downstairs for something, only to walk into a huge puddle in the furnace room. The humidifier hose had become blocked with sediment from our water supply.

Well, I dealt with this 2 years ago, so I just turned off the furnace, changed the filter, poured a mixture of vinegar and water down the blocked hose, cleaned up the mess and turned the heat back on. All this while Hubby was sleeping peacefully.

Now this mess in the sump pump room! The only solution, for now, is to turn off the water softener. We'll just have to do without "softened" water. When the earth warms up next month, things should thaw out and our "water in the basement" problems over for a while.

I must say I was thoroughly discouraged this weekend. I feel overwhelmed (oh, I also lugged the heavy dehumidifier up the stairs, one step at a time, from the basement into the garage, since there seems to be water in there too. What is it with water in this house??).

Told Hubby it was time to move into an apartment. I just can't cope with everything on my own all the time. He just nodded. No argument. He's probably hoping that as time goes on and the nice weather comes, I'll forget all about it. Well maybe. But I think it's time we simplified our lives.


mxtodis123 said...

Can I ever empathize with you. I live in an apartment, but it's still a lot of work. Hubby is not bedridden or anything like that, but I've noticed, he does get out of breath more quickly now so I don't ask much of him. I am lucky to have my son with us. He's a great help. Love those pictures of your flowers. I sure wish spring would get here, but your photos always seem to brighten my day.

Hilary said...

Aww sorry to hear of your water woes. Hopefully your beautiful tulips will cheer you. Gorgeous shots.

Karin said...

Your flowers are so cheerful! I would certainly encourage you to check out this apartment living! Hubby was finding the shoveling, the mowing, and all manner of work around the house too much. We love apartment living! For you, with a hubby who needs care, even moving into an apartment where you can access homecare once it is needed, or access meals and/or housekeeping later on, would be great. The organization with which I work even has condos for purchase on our campus of care. There are so many options nowadays. All the best to you!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Winters are hard for all of us Wendy---but I agree that taking care of a home is very difficult. If I had to do it alone (if George was unable or not around)--I'm positive I'd move to a small apartment. It's a big responsibility.

In the meantime though, hang in there. Spring Will COME --hopefully sooner than later. Enjoy your beautiful flowers which are blooming JUST for you.


amelia said...

Apartment living is so much simpler, especially in your position.
We had the same trouble a couple of years ago from a drain that lets water travel under our house and into the lake. It froze and backed up into our basement bedroom. What a mess!! Hubby then, once the thaw was complete, wrapped the outside hoses with heated electrical wire and we have not had a problem since.
I love your tulips but don't have any spring bulbs at all. Maybe I should think about it for next year!!

Cheryl said...

Hi Wendy....firstly lovely least you have a touch of spring inside the house.

I understand that feeling when everything gets on top of you.
You are coping with a great deal, and life does grind us down sometimes. I must just say that I have friends in apartments and this brings its own problems to.
I think we are possibly of an age where we like a simpler life but sadly it does not always turn out that way.

Just wait a while Wendy, spring will soon be skies, birds singing. The world will seem a sweeter place.....

and know someone thinks of you.

Ruth said...

That is a lot to take care of on your own. (You shouldn't be lugging the dehumidifier upstairs) We do need more precipitation and I would still prefer snow to rain or ice right now. But then you would have to shovel it. Hard decisions about house vs apartment... all the best!

Abba's Girl said...

Your pics are beautiful. I pray you have wisdom and clarity as you make big decisions for your future.


Rose said...

I understand how you feel, Wendy. Winter can get depressing enough as it is, but add to that problems like this, and it just becomes overwhelming. I've often thought everyone needs a good "handyman." My husband fixes many things around here, but some things are beyond his capability, plus he is Mr. Procrastinator:) My dad was always good at fixing problems like this, even for us, but he is no longer able to do this. I wonder if there is someone like this in your area who fixes small problems and doesn't charge an arm and a leg--might be worth looking into.

Mark said...

It is good to simplify our life! Living in a house is a constant work and steady expense.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy,

Sorry to hear about your watery mess. Sounds like a lot of hard work. And in the cold too! I've been reading about a lot of snow in Sweden and some parts of the US (saw Jan's[Thanks For Today] slide-show of snow yesterday)and I thought it'd be the same in Canada.

I hope you won't have to wait for too long before the earth thaws. Your sun-kissed blooms are ever so pretty! And I love your header photo. Jasmine takes after you. Beautiful!

Allie said...

I'm sorry you've had to deal with such a mess!

I think moving to an apartment might be exciting. It might be nice to have new space and know that it's someone else's job to take care of those things. I have to admit that I really miss that.

Love the tulips! So pretty!

JeanMac said...

Oh, Wendy, I hear you!

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Dear Wendy, I am so sorry you have had such a tough time this winter. I too have been struggling, and haven't had the heart to even blog.

I do think it is good to simplify where ever possible, but if you know any apartment dwellers, ask them what they don't like about apartment living. I remember for a few years living in an apartment, and the thing I hated the most was having to lug groceries so far, no storage, and no covered parking.

Do you have anyone that you can call on for help for these problems? If you could find a relible handyman to help you with the heavy lifting, it would be such a blessing. It's just too much for you to have on your shoulders alone.

Your Tulips are beautiful, Wendy, and you captured the light so well. I love the thought of the light kissing the Tulips lips. Lovely!

Linda Pendleton said...

Those flowers are so uplifting...

Q said...

Dearest Wendy,
Happy Valentine's Day. Your tulips and daffodiles are so pretty and cheerful. I understand the over whelming work of a house. It is all on your shoulders too. I could never care for my house and yard by myself. All sorts of maintance issues come up that are beyond me. I like the idea Rose has of finding a handyman who would not charge too much. I would have a difficult time leaving my home after 33 years. I do understand your frustration. Thank you for being so honest. Hope the rest of the month brings sunshine!

Beverly said...

Simple can be a good thing...thinking of you...