Monday, February 6, 2017

Nothing Special

 I liked this pic which was hanging in the gardens at the hotel in Key West.
She reminded me of Medusa with her snaky hair!

 Couldn't resist taking this bromeliad (I think) also in the gardens surrounding the swimming pool. I miss that warm, sunny climate: an early morning dip, the free feeling of peddling a bike wherever the wind chose to take me, inhaling the fragrance of a tropical breeze and feeling the sun on my face while standing on the shore, positively mesmerized by Mother Ocean.

But no matter where I go, I'm always glad to be back home again.
Six of my 11 grandchildren in this pic. It's Saturday afternoon and we're celebrating 3 of their birthdays (the other 5 children escaped the photo).
Soon we'll have a spring gathering to look forward to as there will be a whole slew of other birthdays to celebrate.
But one thing at a time.

Hope you're having a good winter, safe and snug with loved ones - or relaxing on vacation, or planning your spring garden.


Patricia said...

Hi Wendy. Lovely pictures. I so agree with you, there's nothing quite like coming home to family. Wow 11 grandchildren, how wonderful. I have five and miss them all when I'm away. Our Spring isn't too far away now. Lots of daffodils popping up through the soil.. love the Springtime. Thankyou for your recent comments. Take care Px

Rose said...

Your photos of Key West looked so wonderful and so relaxing! But I agree, there's nothing like coming home, especially to a house full of grandkids. I didn't realize you had 11 grandkids--wow! I have yet to have all eight of mine together at one time.

Shammickite said...

Oh my goodness, 11 grandchildren, how wonderful. Do they often all get together at the same time? I have 4, which is quite enough!!!!
I hope you're not getting snowed in after your lovely trip to the sunshine. Snowing here in S Ontario tight now, will be digging out in the morning.

stardust said...

Hello, Wendy! I like the things which your eyes captured from your ordinary life. Japan is gripped in the coldest wave this winter and it’s been snowing on and off these days. I can relate to you. I like solitary walk to go out to appreciate the healing power of nature and also to be back home where my family is. I have 3 grandchildren so far and they like to see and play with their cousins. Birthday party must have been lots of fun with so many extended families.


tina said...

Good morning Wendy! How wonderful to have so many grandkids and they all look to be around the same age. Grandkids are the best!

Munir said...

Very nice pictures.
I agree with you, no matter where we go and how much we enjoy a vacation, it is always nice to come home.

Happy Birthday to the ones who are and will be celebrating.

Penelope Puddlisms said...

I like your creative writing style, Wendy, and can see where you’re coming from. Even Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz wanted to leave a magical place because there's really no place like home, especially with so many loved-ones waiting.