Sunday, July 5, 2009

Getting out of..

....your comfort zone.
You know how it is. You hear a certain expression, saying or phrase repeatedly for months, sometimes years, and it makes no impression on you.
Then one day, you read that very same expression or somebody mentions it in conversation, and ping! something is triggered inside your brain. Some signal is given to "pay attention". Why all of a sudden is this phrase important?

Well, who knows really. I figure it just means that you are in a receptive frame of mind to learn whatever it is you need to learn.

"Getting out of your comfort zone" is a phrase we hear from time to time. I usually get a distinctly uncomfortable feeling when I hear that. The meaning is crystal clear. Watch out - something is going to hurt.

I was reading an article in the newspaper the other morning - an article on fitness and health. "If you want to make positive changes in your body and level of fitness, you have to Get out of your Comfort Zone."

Hmmm - I don't like that phrase. But for some reason it's stuck in my brain. I bought some new variety of tomatoes. They were brown and looked awful. But tasted delicious! I splurged and bought my bread at the bakery last week. I was not impressed. It tasted like fast-food-french-bread (now I know there is no such thing as fast-food-french-bread, but it gives you an idea of the taste. I was expecting a heavenly, whole-grain, down-to-earth, fresh baked loaf. No way.

Took a long, long walk. After all - I had read this expression in a fitness article. Though tired afterwards, the next day I felt more energetic. Coincidence? Maybe. We'll see how things go.

This afternoon, I put a bottle of cold water, my wallet, and cell phone into a backpack, strapped it on my back, and walked into town. I've lived in Hudson for 13 years and have never walked into town. The reason? Hills. We live at the top and the village is down in the valley. Fun going down, but h*ll coming back up, especially carrying groceries on your back.

I set out along the gravel road (due to construction in the area), my mantra echoing in my brain (Get out of your Comfort Zone). Along the way I admired a gorgeous rose garden (you don't really see it zooming by in a car), a stone wall, and dozens of other gardens in bloom. I watched ducks swimming on the pond (where is my camera??), saw the foundation for a brand-new house on a previously wooded lot, some new For Sale signs, all the while listening to cardinals calling and finches twittering. Took a shortcut or two and before long (almost an hour), I was at the grocery store. Picked up some steaks for BBQ-ing, and some veggies. Not too much. I was mindful of having to haul it all back home.

The way back was harder, as I knew it would be. But it didn't bother me in the least (well, until I took a shortcut through some mosquito-y woods). I took my time, meandering by the shops with their flowers on display. An old-fashioned spinning wheel in front of an antique shop caught my eye, making me think of Sherry at Q's Corner.

Back at the duck pond, I saw a young boy looking intently at something on a rock. I walked over to have a closer look. A huge turtle or tortoise was sunning itself on that rock. It looked so weird and still and big, I thought it was fake. It's body must have been the size of an over-sized dinner platter. I've never seen a turtle that big in our area.

"Do you think this turtle is real?" I asked the boy.
"Yes, it moved it's head," he replied.
Why oh why didn't I bring my camera???
Never mind, there will be a next time. And think of all the interesting things I have to tell hubby. Changes in the neighbourhood he doesn't get to see.

The shortcut through the woods was wet and buggy - very uncomfortable! But I got home just in time to throw some marinade on the steaks for supper, take a quick shower and collapse into a deck chair. After drinking about a gallon of cold water, I managed to compose myself and look serene and relaxed, book on my lap when Hubby poked his head out the door, having just woken up from his afternoon nap.

I'll let you know if I can make it out of bed tomorrow morning!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow---I'm proud of you Wendy... Sounds like a new woman to me!!!!! Of course you will make it out of bed tomorrow. You'll be bubbling over with energy.

That is such a neat post. I can't tell you how proud I am of you. Keep it up!!!

Karin said...

In your cheering section here!!!!

Maggie May said...

That was a fascinating post that wouldn't have happened had you not got out of your comfort zone. Take a camera next time!
Walking IS good for you & can lift your mood as well as being good for arthritis & lots of other things.
I do a lot of it.
Off to leave my comfort zone now & open your faery door! Hope I don't disappear into another land! I think my family would sit up & take notice if I did!

amelia said...

I also am always forgetting to take my camera everywhere!!!
I'm guessing you'll be taking yours from here on in!
You might be a little stiff this morning but you can walk it off!! Good for you!

Celia said...

Wow Wendy, Good for you. Don't you just see the world in a new way on foot. Reading your post I felt like I had come along and was seeing the sights, great writing.

Cheryl said...

Well done you.....great Wendy....I can see a new you appearing......a voyage of discovery exciting.....I would loved to have walked with you....

How sweet you thought of Sherry when you saw the spinning wheel. I think we all have connections now....spreading far and wide....

Wendy said...

Hi Betsy, - you were right! I did make it out of bed this morning with only minimal aches and pains! Thanks for popping by.

Hi Karin - thank you! It was fun!

Hi Maggie May - I went back to the pond this afternoon to see if I could find the turtle. I had my camera - but, alas, no turtle. I really didn't think he'd wait for me anyway.
I love walking - I was just intimidated by all those hills.

Hi Amelia, I truly didn't think of the camera. Probably did not want any more weight in my packsack than absolutely necessary. Yes, I am a little stiff, especially in the hips, but so what!!

Hi Celia, thank you. We do see the world up-close when we walk. I do enjoy walking, just not that far, nor uphill, as I've mentioned. Thank you for your kind words. I do enjoy creating a story.

Hi Cheryl, oh I was thinking of all of you on my walk. I do take you along with me, you know. Sometimes I think I must be going bonkers - thinking of people I don't even know. But - we do know lots about each other, don't we. Oh yes, Sherry was certainly on my mind when I saw that spinning wheel. I kind of wished I could somehow ship it out to her. It was expensive - I think $200 or so and then can you imagine trying to package it up? And then the postage? Maybe I should go back with my camera and take a picture of it. Then I could share it with everybody.
Have a wonderful day, everybody!

beckie said...

We get in a comfort zone in more ways than one don't we. I am tryin to learn to expand mine where music is concerned. You see with all these granddaughters growing up, they are listening to music I just don't care ofr. But I am making an effort at listening to it with them. Maybe one day I will be cool in their eyes. :)

You are certainly stepping out of your zone and with great results. Don't you feel more empowered now that you know you can do that walk?! Great post.

Rose said...

Good for you, Wendy! I hope you're out of bed and feeling very energetic today. If not, the more you do this, the easier it will be for you. I'm impressed by all the "little things" you saw along your trip into town--to me, it's those little things that really boost our spirits. Thanks for a great post and an inspiring one--I need to get out of my comfort zone, too:)

Grammy said...

Hi Wendy, I am really proud of you. That is quite an undertaking. And you did not use any gas. How cool. Soak in some Epsom salts. They will help. I love you saw so many wonderful things that are normaly over looked.
Big hug.

Q said...

Dearest Wendy,
You are a dear heart! Thank you for thinking of me and for linking Corner! I sat at my spinning wheel today for an hour and did up a bobbin of wool. It was very fun.
I am so happy for you. Your walk sounded just delicious! Yes, bring camera and take us with....I talk with all my friends, my blogging/journal friends, while I walk and hunt for bugs....I have been know to shout out, "Look at the Swallowtail!" as if you are right next to me!
We are connected. We share this adventure. I am walking in beauty with you each step .....I also understand the collapse...
Love your new site,

Abba's Girl said...

What a delightful day.

Kanak Hagjer said...

How lovely, Wendy! Reading all the details I feel the walk was worth it. Moreover your descriptions are always so wonderful. I have a feeling we're going to read more about your (as Sherry said) delicious walks!!

Lee Beth said...

Wow this is a really cool blog. Just checking out new ones and came across yours. Feel free to come check out my little artsy blog if you'd like.

Allie said...

That's wonderful. It is so hard to try new things, but sometimes so rewarding. It's nice to have a reminder of that.

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration. Just like Celia, I felt as though I was right along there with you.


JeanMac said...

I'm impressed!