Friday, February 10, 2012

Winter sports on the Lake

Is this man walking his dog on the ice?

No, he's actually playing  hockey with his dog. Guess nobody else was available.

Hey Fido! Game's not over yet!

Dashing through the

Is this a kite stuck in a tree?

 Nope - I think this is called kite surfing on ice. Or wind-surfing on ice.

Oops, where did the surfer go?
Notice the sky changing colours as day time turns into evening?


Is that a crescent moon? LOL!

No matter what kind of weather we have: ice, snow, or cold, people always seem to find ways of having fun. That guy was kite surfing until after dark.

Sorry for the bad quality of this pic. I couldn't believe he was still out there after dark and ran to get my camera (which I'd put away). It looks like he's upset that the kite has fallen. Time to call it a day.