Friday, July 29, 2011

Bless you!

Simon and Owen at the water park

The pics don't go with the story, but I have no pics of grandbabies lying on the grass under the shade of the old oak tree.
That's where we were, or at least two of my grandchildren (and not even the ones in the pics). I was sitting on the front porch steps, minding them on this hot summer afternoon.

Toys had been abandoned. It was too hot. I was thinking of filling up the baby pool, but decided to let them rest on the blanket for a bit. At first they wiggled around, each claiming there was not enough room, but soon they settled down and stared up at the leaves overhead.
Jazzy is 41/2
Nathan is 21/2

Nathan: Jazzy, why are the leaves moving? 
Jazzy: They're dancing.

Nathan: Do clouds fall down?
Jazzy: No. They're glued to the sky.
Nathan: How come?
Jazzy: I don't know.

Nathan, turning over on his tummy:  Is that a bug, Jazzy?
Jazzy, focusing on a spider web in the grass: I'm not inter-es-ting, right now.

Wise Grandma: Yes, Nathan that's an ant. Listen, children, the birds are singing.
Both children stop for a minute and listen.
Nathan: No Grandma, they aren't singing. I don't hear the words.

Wise Grandma: You say, "excuse-me" Nathan.
Nathan giggling: Jazzy, Jazzy, I f*rt!
Jazzy, still engrossed in the spider web: I'm not inter-es-ting!!!
Wise Grandma (prompting little grandson): Nathan, you say "excuse-me"
Nathan: Excuse me.
Jazzy looking at me with the knowing eyes of a 4-year-old: Grandma, nice ladies say "bless you!"

I could not stop myself from laughing out loud. And next time I hear someone f*rt, I will remember to say "bless you!" 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Reading Between The Lines...

 is finally here!
(for some reason the link to order doesn't work. you can just click on Amazon to order or sneak a preview)

Yesterday after a full day of babysitting, I was tired and hot. Entering through the garage, I did not notice the package lying on my front door step.
After supper, I decided to water my flowers in the front yard. That was when I noticed the brown package at my front door.
Now, out here in the semi-country, it's normal for mail and packages to be left on a doorstep. No one would dream of taking anything. More often than not, a thoughtful neighbour will pick up someone's newspaper lying at the end of their driveway and bring it up to the front door, or the phone book. Deliveries as well are often  left with neighbours. It's that kind of a community.
I was just glad it hadn't rained.

At first I thought the package might just be for David. For months after he was gone, mail was still delivered, publications and magazines and this looked like a medical or pharmaceutical directory.
I read the return address: National Book (distributor or something). I did not have my reading glasses on, of course, so I read: National Bank.
"What on earth?" I didn't order anything from the bank. Not even any chequebooks, which would be much smaller anyway. "Hmm, maybe some sort of advertising."
You can imagine my surprise and pleasure when I opened the package and six copies of my book - my book in print - spilled out! I am so exited!!

I will have to do another blog post with some excerpts and a "give-away". This will be so much fun! Yippeeeee!
And I must, I simply must thank every one of my blogging buddies for all  your encouragement!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When the universe hands you ...

lemon, you make lemonade.  When the universe hands you a weed... (or 2, or 3)....

you make a bouquet!

I found these "weeds" chopped down at the side of the road. I could not just walk away and leave them to die. So I picked them up, brought them home and put them in a vase on my back deck.

On another note:
I was sitting in a Tim Horton's coffee shop a few days ago, sipping a hot cup of coffee. Looking out the window, I noticed a taxicab pulling up to the curb. Two elderly people got out. The woman was using a cane. Her husband a walker. The driver carefully handed the man his walker and made sure they both were steady on their feet before driving off.
Hmm, I thought. Imagine taking a taxi to a Tim Horton's coffee shop. Well, why not? They must have given up driving for health reasons, and now just call a cab when they need to get around. I watched them slowly make their way towards the door of the coffee shop. They were nicely dressed and obviously looking forward to their "outing."

It's encouraging to see elderly couples out and about enjoying themselves. No matter what is going on in their personal lives, they manage to get out and live a bit. I like that. But  last year I did not feel that way. Last year after hubby died I could not stand to see happy couples, especially happy older ones.  I was jealous. After all, why do they still have each other when my husband is gone? Thankfully, that stage did not last long. And now when I look at elderly couples I  know they feel lucky to be together. So many of their friends are not.

The gentleman opened the door for his lady love and they entered the coffee shop. I gave them a big huge smile, they just looked so darn cute. I couldn't help it. The man gave me a half smile, then looked at me more closely. He was probably wondering who the heck I was. (do I know her? I could hear him thinking)
 Feeling a little embarrassed, I blurted out. "You look so cute. You're wearing blue and she's wearing pink."
I guess he was more on the ball than I gave him credit for. Without missing a beat he replied, " Well I guess then I'm a boy and she's a girl."
We both laughed and as they turned away I heard the dear woman say to her husband "What did she say?"
Guess she had trouble hearing and missed the whole thing.