Saturday, October 29, 2011

Flowers speak

And these ones speak of love, of caring, and kindness.

I am lucky to be blessed with a dear daughter...
....who knows what it takes to make me smile..... bring sunshine into my life..... time flows forward like a river, carrying me along, and soon I will be approaching my 60th...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Moving on......

Good-by front door.....

...autumn flowers, leaves, pumpkins....

Good-by Our Home.... (I've lived here 15 years)

.....and our garden shed in the back yard...

Our favourite room...David spend his last days here before hospital admission. His favourite chair brings me comfort in the evenings as I curl up in it to read....

House is sold.
The new young couple will be moving in early December.
Time for me to start packing......
I will miss Our Home......

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Mysterious Lady

A Mysterious Lady arrived in the post from a land far away and across a deep ocean.
She was a gift from a dear friend. Someone whom I've never met.

 She arrived in a package of lavender and lace. There was also a lovely angel card without a face. Willow Tree cards do not need faces. Expression is revealed through gesture, representing an emotion, like comfort, healing, or inspiration.

Inside the card was a mysterious envelope, filled with magical seeds to plant next spring.

"What is this?" inquires Jasmine, pointing to my necklace.
"I think it's a lady or maybe a goddess."
"But she has no head!"
"Well, maybe it's a different shaped head. And she does have little feet, or maybe they're fins. She could be a fish."
 A look of disappointment prompted me to revise that unappealing answer.

"Or maybe a mermaid!"
"Ohhhhhhh,oooooo!!" enchantment shone through her little girl eyes.

Now that still doesn't explain her strangely elongated head, if that's what it is, but it really doesn't matter. We were having fun.

"Maybe these gems are magical and if we make a wish......"

Have you ever started down a path (conversation) only to realize a few short words or sentences into it that you've walked into a trap, or were about to say something that you can't change later? Well, I was saved by the bell in the form of Little Brother. How to explain that wishing on gems doesn't really work, after I've encouraged her to do just that?
Well, I'm sure that won't be the last time I let my imagination run free.

So the Mystery Lady Goddess Mermaid has found a good home. Thank you Cheryl  for this most precious and beautiful necklace. I can't wait to plant those magical seeds in my new garden when the time is right.