Thursday, October 29, 2009


I took this pic one gorgeous sunny day in late summer. It was the only cloud in a clear blue sky.

On another day, I was in the backyard with my grandchildren. The afternoon started off being warm and sunny. Then a bank of clouds appeared, turning the air chilly and the sky gray.

"Go away Clouds!" I yelled up to the sky.


"But Grandma, I like clouds!!"


Friday, October 23, 2009


Dolores Dottie Dahlia. Also known as: Dangerous, Dancing, and sometimes even Delusional!

Wanted For: Coming to dine decidedly drunk while dancing with delight on your table! Devastating!

Cornelia Claudia Coneflower.
AKA : Greta Gerbera Daisy, Blushing Beauty.

Be careful, she's a master of disguises. No one really knows her true identity.
Wanted in connection with: painting the Garden different colours during the night. Careless dropping of Seeds. Sleeping on her stalk!

The Marigold twins: Marie and Mahari. Mostly milling about together, misleading others. Malevolent. Mainly misunderstood. Think they are better than anyone else in the Garden!

Wanted for: Snooping. Stepping on ladybugs. Looking down their stems at others. Refusing invitations.
Distinguishing Marks: Ruffled petticoats.

Belinda Blabbermouth Begonia.

Distinguishing markings: beauty spot (disguised as a bug) on her left outer petal.

Don't be fooled by her delicate profile. Those ruffles are sharp enough to cut a daisy stalk.
Wanted for: blowing things out of proportion. Spreading nasty gossip in the Garden. Cannot control her wagging tongue. Blubbering.

Irmgaard Impatiens. Pictured here with sister, Isobella.
AKA: Icy, Ichabod.

Wanted for: Improper conduct. Impersonating Innocence. Illicit intelligence-gathering. Don't be lead astray by those tears....

Anyone with any information leading to the arrest of these law-breaking flowers is advised to report immediately to their local Garden Patrol.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Quest

"Don't say I didn't warn you......... it's a loooong way off.... but if you've set yer mind on gettin' there, I ain't gonna stand in yer way..... See that horse-drawn wagon over there? You'd best start by following it for a ways..... but hurry...... it won't wait for you...

Once you come to the old-fashioned water pump, you can leave the horses behind. Now pump that thing as hard as you can! If yer strong enough to get the water flowing, then yer ready to move on. If not, then you'd best give up and turn around now......

Aw, don't bother asking that jackass for directions........what does he know? Oh well, if yer gonna bribe him with fresh grass......
What did he tell ya? Turn right at the hydrangea tree? Yeah, that's right, but don't go into the little house, or you'll be asking for trouble.....

Go past the little boy, dancing on the hay wagon....., but if you stop to talk, you'll never get there in time......

Stroll right on past the autumn tree (it's the only one that's changing colours, you can't miss it).......
.....but if you take time to explore that building, you just might miss out......

Carefully, carefully......tiptoe past the goslings....
And finally.......... we are! At the pigpen. Did I tell you to bring some corn with you? They just luuuv corn."

We spent the afternoon at Cumberland Farms in Ottawa, a few weeks ago. That old man was such a character, I couldn't resist taking his picture.

He really was pointing the way to the pigpen. We could have hopped on the farm wagon, but preferred to enjoy the sights at a more leisurely pace.
The horse and carriage was part of a wedding ceremony being held on that beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all. If you look at my header, you can see how I spent my Thanksgiving. Sitting in the toy room with my grandchildren.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Tiny yellow flowers and ladybugs...

Leaves are blushing.....

Tiny flowers fascinate me. I was walking one morning, when I saw some little teeny flowers growing by the side of the road.

These hadn't opened yet. I was so disappointed as they were in full bloom the day before.

That's better.....
Some more little yellow flowers...
Bigger.....(o.k. we all know what these are and they weren't growing wild)
Biggest!! (I was planning to post a pic of a gigantic sunflower, but it disappeared!)

Ladybug preparing for winter. I wonder where it will hide?

Of course - in a ladybug house!