Monday, July 23, 2012

Wildlife on the Lake

This great blue or grey heron is a regular.  Solitary creatures, they stand alone...

I think this one is a loon. I also see him (her?) swimming and fishing alone.

I thought this heron was different than the one in the first pic, but realise it's same guy (or girl) - just a different pose. I thought it's feathers looked a little more ruffly, but it must be because they've dried off in the sun. Wonder why they stand on one leg?

I was flabbergasted to see an egret on the lake!  Since I've only ever seen them in Florida or the Caribbean, I thought they were warm water birds.  However, after consulting Ms. Google, I discovered these "white herons" or egrets are found in lakes all over North America.
This is a lone fisherman as well and I only see it once a week, if that.

Well, here's a little Lady Bug and Brother Bug feeding some Canada geese. I see them (the geese, not the grands) every morning, heads tucked under wings as they rest. Later in the day they fly or swim off to find better fishing grounds, but usually return in the evening.

Well, pardon me for invading your space!

A rare sight. I never thought I'd see a pileated woodpecker outside of the woods. We did see some in our backyard in Hudson, but there are so many wooded areas near my old home, it was not that unusual to see these big birds. 
This one, however was in a tree between the road and the lake. I saw him while walking one morning. He's just a kid. Wonder where the nest is? 

Twins?  Nope, there were about 5 or 6 of them. It was evening and I surprised these little critters, who were just about to leave the shelter of a bush to cross the road. When they saw big, scary me, they scampered up the nearest tree and stayed there until they thought it was safe.

Awww, now isn't he just the cutest little 'coon you've ever seen?
As long as he stays little and out of trouble......(yeah, right!)