Sunday, November 29, 2009

Open The Door..

Follow the squirrel...
Oh, maybe not - this looks like a ghost squirrel - his pic was taken in the mist. Ghost squirrels are known to do silly things, like this....

What? turning water into ice! "What happened to the pond?"
Let's ignore the squirrel and take a look over there.....

Hmmm, nice mountain (um.. hill). Shall we check it out? See what's over there?

Let's take a boat....

Did not think there were any houses (um..cottages, shacks) over there. If you look closely, you will see a sign that says GAZ. I must be a gas station for motor boats. Nice having a telephoto lens.

But there are other boats on the lake (Lake of Two Mountains, for those of you who know my area). Shall we flag down this sailboat?

Let's see where the wind takes us....

Ah... this boat's going to church. Actually, that church is on a point of land in the village of Oka, where the monks make their famous Oka cheese.

These pics were taken last week. Wanting to explore a bit, I took the car down to the village and left it in a parking lot. Stepping out, the air felt rather chilly, but the sun was warm. I decided to take a long walk and see where I'd end up. Water always beckons me and so I ended up at the yacht club.

At this time of year, the club is deserted. Boats anchored for the winter. Club house empty. No one about, except for a few "walkers", some with dogs and some without. The weather was exceptionally nice for the end of November. But I was still surprised to see boats on the lake at this time of year.

November is coming to a close. It's been a warm and gentle month. Without snow......yet!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Let There Be....

Light! Ahem! Turn around please...
That's better!

Do you see the Magic Button? It looks like a Rainbow. Give it a push to open the door...

To enter a world of faeries....

Is this a flower? Or an angel?

I just love taking pics of how sun lights up a flower...

Ah ha! Sneaky grapes, just where do you think you're going?

Oh, you were climbing inside the bowl, not trying to escape!

Chrysanthemums perched on the porch, enjoying the last rays of afternoon sun.
I like photographing sunlight as it streams in the window, or as it lights up the landscape, trees, flowers, rocks. But it's proving to be quite a challenge (as most of you know), to take a pic with just the right light. Too much and it's washed out. No colour. Too little and it's dark. Still no colour. And on top of that, I've just found out that different computer monitors show colours differently. Eeks - how do we ever get our photos right?
Whatever - it's all fun. I'm enjoying my new hobby.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What would you do....

if the Universe handed you a cup of coffee?

About mid-morning, I head out to Tim Horton's drive - thru to pick up coffee for Hubby and I. We started this ritual years ago when raking leaves in the fall. Raking leaves was a days-on-end task. So we'd start out early in the morning and still be at it until supper time.

Of course, we'd take breaks for meals, or if the weather turned cold or wet. But most of the time we were lucky enough to have sunny, cool days in which to clean up our property.

Mid-morning we'd lean our rakes by the side of the garage, hop into the car and escape to our favourite coffee and doughnut shop. In those days, I'd even eat doughnuts too. Today, it's far easier to put weight on than to take it off! So, I skip the doughnuts.

The sun was shining brightly this morning, as I ran my errands and drove on over to Tim's.
"Two medium coffees" I gave my order, "one double-double, and the other one black with 2 cream on the side".

Now I'm very fussy about my coffee. I order it black (the cream on the side is for hubby - he luuuves cream). At home I put some homogenized milk in the bottom of my cup, heat it in the microwave for 25 seconds, and then pour in the coffee. I used to drink cream in coffee years ago, but now take milk. Not 1% or 2%, but the regular homo milk.

"Here you are," the lady handed me the coffee with a nice smile (the lady was smiling, not the coffee).
"Oh, you forgot the cream on the side", I reminded her.
"No, I put it inside the coffee."

"Eeks! Sorry, but it has to be black." There is no way I could drink their 18% cream!
"Oh, no problem." She handed me a fresh cup. "Why don't you just keep the other one."

I must have looked surprised.
"Sure, I'd only have to dump it down the drain. Give it to a friend."
"Thank you!"

Hmmm. Now what do I do? We certainly can't drink all this coffee. Who can I give it to? Do I stop someone on the street? I think not. But there is still a construction crew working on our water pipes over on the next street. Do I park the car, walk over and see if anyone would like a coffee? Well, they might think I'm crazy for one thing.
Or they might think I'm after one of the crew (ha ha....not!)

No, I don't think I'll do that.
I like passing on gifts, unexpected freebies, but maybe I should just enjoy this one. Bask in the glow of getting something for free. And then pass it on at a later date.

O.K., but we really can't drink all this coffee.

Alright, I'll tell you what (I was having this conversation to myself while driving home - good thing nobody could hear me), if the construction crew is near my house, where they can see me driving home (so they don't think I'm a crazy lady - they know where I live), I'll give it away. If there is nobody working nearby, Hubby will drink it later in the day.

Guess how it turned out?
Nobody was working near the house, so we (Hubby actually) got to enjoy an extra cup of coffee.

Now tell me......what would you do?

Friday, November 13, 2009


Some mornings begin with mist... Other mornings are clear...

Moon on a Stick. Ha! Looks like a marshmallow ready for toasting over an open fire!

Ah.. that's better.

Another morning, I caught Mistress Moon hanging out gossiping with branches and the last of the autumn leaves.

What are your mornings like?

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Empty... Full...

Half and half.



(oh, sorry, I didn't hear you - ha, ha)

Half and half.

I couldn't think of anything to say about this last pic. I just liked the "aerial view", and the contrast of the pretty petunia still alive and happy amongst the dead autumn leaves.

As you can see, I love taking her picture.
Happy November!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Got Leaves?

Yes, do you?

Sure do!

Follow the path....

Around the bend.....

We've got leaves too...

No pushing, Leaves, and no peeking in the Window!

Looks like Rock Garden is buried in leaves....

And leaves are smothering Hedge!

We're full of leaves, thank you!

Hello leaves???

I certainly do..

I don't!