Monday, March 29, 2010

Blogging break

Hubby is going through a rough patch right now, so I won't be posting for a while.

I will still be around to visit. I enjoy reading your blogs as they lift my spirits and your friendship nourishes my soul.

Hope spring is coming in nicely for all of you.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sunshine, shamrocks and spring!

Dawn....waiting for sunrise.....most of the shamrocks still asleep....except for a few early risers.....

Here it comes! Here it comes.......cheering on the sun as it peeks above the horizon....
High bursting with joy.....basking in the glorious sunshine.

Dusk....shadows close in sleep.
Out for my morning walk a few days ago:
I saw a flock of geese flying high up in the sky, returning home after a long winter. I've been scanning the sky almost every day this month, to catch a glimpse and finally, finally, that familiar V-shape, happy honking, and welcome back, geese!

I smelled a skunk - yes, in the morning. It's unusual to smell a skunk that early in the day. More likely that cloying smell stinks up the air (yuk!) in the evening or night (we all know that skunks are nocturnal creatures).

I heard a fly buzz by my ear. Really. Did not see it. But hey, I'll welcome a fly. That means that the bees are not far behind.

And all this sensual stimulation the space of a minute and a half.
Spring must be here!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


"Ahhhhhhh - this is soooooo nice. Being kissed by the sun!"
I overheard my shamrock plant talking to Sunkist tulips: "Did you know St. Paddy's day is just around the corner?"
"How could I not? You remind me every day! I do hope some bluebirds find that birdhouse over there and build a nest inside. I don't remember seeing any last year, did you Tessa?" "We weren't here last year, Tilly."

Why didn't I just ask, a number of my blogger buddies commented on my Pampering post a few posts ago.

Ask what? What kind of nice-smelling massage oil the masseuse was using on me. Good question, why didn't I just ask? Well if I had, then of course, there wouldn't be any story, would there?

But then you have to imagine yourself stretched out on the table. Soft music playing in the background. Body nice and warm under the sheets. Gentle, yet firm pressure over your shoulders by Ms. Massage-Lady ( I don't remember her name). Feeling drowsy........ Ooooo - this is nice. Tension melting away.......Body relaxing............Ummm - nice fragrance. Smells spring-like. No grass-like. No sort of lemony. Ah, who cares........relaxing into table a little more. Oooo.... that.... feels...... good. Where was I? What was I thinking about??? Oh, the music's changed........ where have I heard that piece before? It's sooooo soooooothing....... Sounds familiar..... but where? Ah, who cares........

I think you get the picture. Tooooooo much effort to open the mouth and speak. Or coordinate the brain in the first place find the words. And even so, I'd probably forget the name of that wonderful smelling massage oil the moment the name left her lips......lips.......did somebody say tu-lips?

Ahhhhh......that warm, caressing sun.....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I have heard from a book publisher!
They want to publish my book!!!

Yippeeeeee - I am over the moon!!!

I started writing Reading Between The Lines about 15 years ago. Put it down, picked it up, life happened, etc. etc. Send it off to a publisher 9 years ago. Got rejected. Sent it off to another one. Got rejected. Gave up. Thought I'd send it off to an agent instead. Might work better. No - did not. Sent it off to another one, two, three. Got rejected again. Gave up.

Over the past year, I'd begun looking at publishers once again.
Well, yesterday, I got the good news! It will take time.
My book will come out in about a year and a half.
But the process has begun!
I am sooooooo happy!!

I started writing articles on palmistry for The Journal of Alternative Therapies, here in Montreal. I wrote some more for Everchanging Magazine in Burlington, Vermont. After a while, I decided to put all these articles together into a book. It did not sound right, so I did a lot of editing, and changing. I grew along with the book.

This is a healing book; a book of my experiences reading people and helping them along their pathway.
Will keep everyone posted.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Sweet hyacinth, beginning to open.

That was then......

Today she is in full bloom, gossiping with the daffys.
Thought I could use a massage last week. Needed a little pampering (don't we all at this time of year?)

There was a "special" on at my local beauty parlor (does anybody else still use that antiquated word? LOL! ) So I took advantage and booked an afternoon of luxury.

The masseuse was a young girl.
She was thin - very thin.
Hmmmm - not much muscle power.
"Come right in," she instructed, leading me into a serene, fragrant-smelling, candle-lit, room. Soft music was playing and the lighting was subdued.

Ahhhh - definitely relaxing.
After peeling off my clothes, I bounced up on the table, and scrunched under the sheets. I wiggled around to find a comfortable position for my face. One thing I absolutely hate is having your face in that doughnut-shaped ring. It feels anything but relaxing. A few minutes later, she knocked softly on the door and entered the room.

It's been a couple of years since I had my last massage so I was pleasantly surprised when she began by touching me on top of the sheet, rather than ripping it away with a flourish, like a magician ripping off a tablecloth to reveal rabbits hopping around, or doves ready to take flight. I always feel rather vulnerable lying there unclothed in a face-down position on the table, as if I'm about to be served for someone's dinner.

Despite my misgivings, she was good. I enjoyed the massage. And she used a light, fresh smelling lotion that reminded me of spring grass or a meadow.

The hour went by quickly and soothingly (is that a word?). While pulling on my clothes, I figured I'd take a peek around to see if I could find that fresh, spring-like lotion. I wanted to know what it was, so I could go out and buy it.
Hmmmmm. Not in sight.
Not on the shelves - they only held candles and some pretty coloured stones.
Not under the massage table.
Any hidey-drawers? Nope.
Ah - another shelf on the far side of the room beside the other massage table.(She had put me in a "couples" massage room. I guess the regular rooms were all taken). There were 2 big lotion bottles on that shelf. But surely, she wouldn't have taken lotion from across the room?

Pumped the first bottle. Nothing. Did not smell at all.
Pumped the second bottle. Eewwww - some pepperminty stuff. I like peppermint, but this stuff was really STRONG - and mixed with some other strong stuff. Really overpowering.

Eeewwwww - I rubbed my hands over my pants trying to get rid of it. Not too smart - won't get rid of it that way. Eewwwww - I have to get rid of this stuff! She'll know instantly that I've been snooping! Wiped my hands vigorously on the sheets that were covering me earlier. Ewwww - still there. Could not get rid of that smell! Maybe a towel. Took one from under the table. Ewwww - still there.

Well, I have to leave the room sometime! She's waiting outside for me to pay my bill. Ah, there's some hand sanitizer. I'll try that.
Didn't work.
So, I poked my head outside the door. Nobody. Good. Ran to the washroom.
Held my hands under the tap and soaped and soaped until the smell was gone.
Then serenely paid my bill and left.