Monday, February 18, 2013

Long Overdue....

These pics go way back to last spring!  And on into the early summer.  The last three were taken in the fall.   I'm way behind!!

Heavy fog on a Spring morning...
.....swirls over the lake,  giving this house a spooky appearance.

and giving this man a hazy, almost ethereal aura as he walks on the grass in front of my balcony...

All clear - the spooks have moved out. Nice to live in a house that looks like a castle!

Every day this man walks by my window.... pulling his belongings.

I wonder where he goes......
A pair of snow geese dropped in for a quick visit one day.  I'd never seen snow geese before.

Two days later these birds (o.k. geese) had flown.

Proud Mama Duck gave me a warning look.

Swimming lessons.  Mamma still on guard. I dare not step any closer.

Early summer. The geese are growing up. At first glance,  I couldn't tell which were adults and which were the "kids".

Learning to find their own food....

"Eeks!  This water's too cold for me!"

Autumn leaves are gone.  People still walk the shoreline. What is he looking for?

His bag looks heavy with treasure he has found on his travels.

I don't know why he captures my interest.  He seems so lonely.  Almost looks like a homeless person, but there are no homeless people around here.