Monday, August 30, 2021

Sunset at Riverside Park, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Continuing on with Our Story:

Oklahoma, the home of my Soulmate. And I living in Montreal, Canada at the time of the Cruise. Yes, I took the plunge, made the move and am now residing in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

How did that happen? Why would I sell my home, leave my family, change countries? 
Simple. I was following my heart.

I wasn't looking for a partner, a husband, a Soulmate. And that's when it happens. When you're not looking. I was simply enjoying a winter holiday. 

I had gone with a friend, someone who preferred cruising as her way of travelling. We spent time in the Spa, spoiling ourselves with aromatherapy massages and pedicures. I spent a fortune on skin care products with a flick of a credit card. So carefree and fun! 

Shore excursions had me exploring new territory with passion and zest. I melted into a beach day, my body loving the soft buoyancy of tropical water as I swam and floated, luxuriating in the freedom and warmth.  

Evening on the ship. I could hear Motown music pulsing through the air, beckoning, enticing me to come on into the nightclub and dance. Blue flickering lights gave the club an eerie yet exotic glow and without a second thought I dragged my friend onto the dance floor. 

I had to move, to sway to the incredible sound produced by these talented young musicians. Letting loose on the dance floor filled my heart with joy, with careless abandon; I was letting go, moving to the rhythm of the night and having more fun than I'd had in ages.

And that's when he first saw me. That "joie de vivre" aura surrounding me as I whirled around, sparked an attraction that grew stronger with each day on the Ship.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Our Story

"Oh What a Cruise! Late December back in '63, what a very special time for me...." 

Ok, it was mid-March, 2019. Spent 10 wonderful days on a Southern Caribbean cruise; drank in the softness of a warm ocean breeze, sweet trade winds caressing my skin and hair. Coconut oil and frangipani scenting the air. It was absolutely divine to sit out all day under a warm Caribbean sun, soaking up heat like a healing balm.
It was heaven! I felt alive! If only for a few days. Snow and ice and the harshness of winter left far behind.
I met some interesting people on this trip; some from far away, others closer to home. It was good to let loose and relax for awhile, to share stories and dance the night away.
One evening looking up at the stars from the ship's deck a fellow traveller nudges my elbow drawing my attention to the moon. Clear, bright and straight up above. Simply beautiful. 
The same moon just a little fuller, suddenly appears at the wing tip, as if guiding me safely home.
I met my Soulmate on this cruise - the fellow traveller who caught my attention and drew me in. And not just to look at the moon. 

Sunday, April 28, 2019

My Website

I have an author website!

It took years for me to get going with this. I tried creating a site using various different free sites, build-your-own, etc. but really couldn't manage the techy stuff.

So I went with a designer.

Here it is:

Those of you who follow me on FB, have already seen it.

Have a great weekend. Will post from my website blog soon.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

She Just Did It!

Granddaughter Kaitlin, my eldest grandchild,  climbed Mount Olympus in Greece. This was back in May when the school year was finished and before starting her summer job.

Kaitlin is 22 and following her dreams.

She didn't ask anyone's permission.
She didn't chat or post about it.
She didn't journal or meditate on it.
She didn't check her horoscope or even the weather report.

She let go of all fears, worries, or doubts swirling around in her mind.

She Just Did It.


Left her travelling companions to lounge about the hostel, or swim or visit with others or whatever they had planned for the day.

I am so proud of this young lady and the woman she is becoming.

p.s. or disclaimer or whatever: yes I stole those words ("she didn't ask....."). I used a fragment of a larger poem that I'd seen on the net, only I changed it to suit me and added a few bits.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

I stumbled across this photo shoot one morning as I was walking the beach (in Naples, Florida last month). From far away, all I could see was a Christmas tree growing out of the sand.

Eeks, Christmas already?  But it's summer! Hot, hot, hot. Bathing suit weather. Flip-flops and sunscreen. I had to remember that it was winter back home. And winter here in Florida - just different climates.

As I got closer I realized it was a photo shoot. Not a school play or party or something. I really didn't have a clue when I first spotted that tree so close to the water's edge.
Now it was clear that this family was making a personalized greeting card.  How sweet. Christmas on the beach.
I wasn't sure how they felt about me taking a pic so I waited a bit to see if anybody looked my way.
Nobody paid me any heed. The photographer was busy calling out instructions to the little boy and the mother was watching closely while jostling a toddler on her hip.

Fifth Avenue in downtown Naples. Everything was beautifully decorated. Here's Frosty waiting for snow (ha ha, that won't happen)

Santa must be hot in that outfit! It was about 85F or 29C that evening

Palm trees aglow all up and down the streets. They sure look strange to my eyes.  But oh so nice!


Saturday, December 1, 2018

A Visit to the Cemetery

It was mid-October and we were on our way to the Halloween Store.  Nine-year-old Grandson was looking for a specific costume and Mom said it was OK for us to buy it. 

We were greeted by a green monster towering over the store entrance. Spider webs coated the walls, sinister clowns popped out from dark corners, and it seemed that every aisle held rows of face paint, glitter and freaky masks, just in case you hadn't noticed them earlier. 

There were rather ghoulish hands dripping fake blood, horrible witch masks covered in warts and frightening looking mummies, bandages coming undone. I'm glad the grands are old enough to know it's all for show; most of it was rather distasteful to my eyes.

We did not find the longed for costume (don't ask me which one, it's from a TV show or something). Eleven-going-on-twelve-year-old Granddaughter told me she would make her own costume and it was to be a surprise! No hints!

On our way home, Granddaughter asked if we could visit the cemetery, where her great-grandparents were buried.  As it was a mild and pleasant day and I was in no hurry to get the children back home, I agreed. Besides, they'd been asking for ages and it never seemed to be the right time, or it was too cold, rainy, snowy, whatever...

I parked the car close to the spot and we walked among the headstones towards my parents grave. The children were entranced. I don't think they'd ever been in a cemetery before. It was all new to them and different than whatever they'd seen on TV.  This was real.

Nathan commented on the abundance of flowers embellishing certain graves and how others looked so barren. Jasmine was interested in reading the info on the stones. 
"Oh my goodness, this person died way way before my Mom was born!  Maybe even you, Grandma and you're old!"  I had to laugh. 

I let them explore and eventually we came to my parents grave. They had been cremated and their ashes buried together (way back in 1998). 

"Where are the flowers?" Nathan looked at me curiously. 
"Um, well, I haven't been here in quite a long time."  Actually it had been years. 
"Can I take some from this grave (he pointed to one nearby) and give it to Great Grandma and Grandpa?"  

Eeks! I was horrified, but calmly replied "No, that's not very nice. We don't do that."
"But they have lots and lots of flowers!" Couldn't argue with a child's logic, but it just didn't seem right.
"Tell you what, we'll look in the woods over there and pick one for your great grandparents."
So off we went in search of a wildflower or two. 

We happened to pass some metal plaques lying flat in the ground. Some were so old the writing had worn off; others marked the final resting place of soldiers, who had fought overseas.
"Oh, can I step on those?"
"NO!  Sorry Nate, but that's not a respectable thing to do."
"Well, why not? They're dead."  Hmmm. How on earth to explain to a little boy.
"Let's just find some flowers."

Anxious to get back on track, I hurried them along. We found some pretty blue flowers growing amongst the dead leaves and milkweed pods and were on our way back when little Nate noticed that some people had made arrangements of stones on their loved ones graves. 
"Can we take some of these stones for Great Grandpa and Grandma?"

"No, we can't do that!  It's almost like stealing." Well, it wasn't really, but I couldn't think of anything else to say and I'd grown tired of the "it's not nice" refrain.
He nodded his head, but I could see he wasn't completely convinced.

"I'm sure we can find a stone or two and perhaps next time we come out here we'll bring a candle and whatever you think Great Grandpa and Grandma would like."
"A soccer ball? I think Great Grandpa might want to play soccer. And Great Grandma might want a garden."
"Oh, I think the flowers will cover the garden part, but very kind of you, Nathan."

Finally we were back at the grave. Jasmine arranged the wildflowers solemnly on the headstone. Nathan pulled out the smooth rock he had found in the dirt and carefully wiped it clean on the adjacent headstone before I could stop him.
He then placed it respectfully on his Great Grandparents grave. 
I didn't say a word - at this point I'd given up.

But I'll bet my parents, being down-to-earth and practical in their lifetime, must have been rolling over with laughter just about now.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Buddha Holding Up The Earth... the name of this Qi Gong pose. 

Standing at the shore as the sun slips towards the horizon and waves lick at my toes evokes within a sense of peace. 
Immersed in the power of sea and sky, I had no idea that my good friend Connie was taking my pic. Thank you Connie!

Naples, Florida. I'm here for a couple of weeks vacation. A time to escape the beginnings of winter back home in Canada. Friends come to stay for a few days and we have fun.

We visited the Botanical Gardens, shopped, ate the freshest seafood you can imagine and swam in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. I saw a small pod of dolphins one morning as I was sitting in the sand on my beach towel.

I jumped up in excitement and for a better view. Fins surfaced and dove, surfaced and dove, rhythmic in nature, perfect in synchronicity.  I watched in fascination and willed them closer to shore.

Well, it certainly wasn't me; must have been something (food?) that drew them closer. A little more, a little more, and in a flash I was in the water, swimming out to the sandbar where I could stand up and watch.  I was hoping I'd end up in their midst. These playful creatures only live for joy, so it seems.

They came close - about 10 feet I think. They did not circle around me as I'd hoped, but glided away towards a group of about 12 swimmers who were at the far end of the sandbar, shouting and pointing.

I have lots to tell when I get home.
Happy Thanksgiving to my American neighbours.
Hope wherever you are in your part of the world, it's not too cold and wet; November can be a damp month.