Friday, January 22, 2010

Squirrel antics

Trying to keep squirrels away from birdfeeders is practically impossible. I read in a magazine that if you hung your birdfeeder on a clothesline between a couple of empty plastic soft drink bottles, the squirrels would not be able to reach it. Once they put their little paws onto the bottle, it would spin around like crazy, causing them to fall off the line.

Maybe this will work!

Ah ha - this bottle doesn't turn. I think it's frozen.

Success! As if a few little plastic thingys could stop me! Ha!

Looks like the squirrel won this round. Next time I try this, I'll make sure I have 2 big soda bottles. That small water bottle didn't work. The squirrel jumped right over it, and it was partially frozen to the clothesline anyway.


mxtodis123 said...

That is too cute. Thanks for sharing with us. I have a funny squirrel story. I would find my garbage bags torn open and blamed the poor cats. One morning I oepened the back door and their sat a squirrel just staring back at me. So, I started buying these cans of mixed nuts and feeding them. It worked too. One even got so friendly that he would just sit there munching with me standing right there. Then, one day they didn't have mixed nuts, so I bought unsalted peanuts. Do you know those spoiled little creatures refused to eat them?

Teacher's Pet said...

These photos are just toooo cute!
What a great idea to get the squirrel in action...twarting the plans of man!
I love this! Thank you...thank you!
Smiles from Jackie

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Good Luck Wendy.... Squirrels can be persistent for sure... We seem to have more squirrels this year than we have ever had.. We do have a big squirt gun ---and spray them with water when they get close to the feeders. They hate that thing.. It doesn't hurt them---but it does scare them. So far, they have never tried to walk on the clothes line on our deck... Who know though... They may sometime.


hummer said...

Squirrels just crack me up. This was a great study in problem solving. Don't we a wish we all had the patience of the squirrel.

Karin said...

Persistence and strategy paid off!! If at first you don't succeed, try and try again! Have to admire that little fella! Thanks for sharing the pics. Don't have squirrels out my window up here on the 9th floor!

Maggie May said...

Wonderfully entertaining post!
They are intelligent and agile little beasts!

Nuts in May

Rose said...

I think circus performers could take a few lessons from these squirrels:) Funny photos, Wendy! I've never heard of the plastic bottles, but it sounded like a good idea anyway. I must be the only one without a squirrel problem. Ours stay away from the house, maybe because of the cats and the dog? Either that or the old oak at the end of the lane provides so many acorns they keep well fed.

amelia said...

I just love squirrels and encourage them to my feeders. They don't eat as much as starlings and blue jays and they have to eat to survive anyway!!
We have nocturnal flying squirrels at night and we always make sure we put out extra seed at night when we bring the bird feeders in for the night.
We also have squirrel boxes on our trees for them to nest in.
If you become their friend you will find them giving you so much entertainment!! :)

Allie said...

That is hysterical! They are quite clever, huh?

Naturegirl said...

Wendy they are smart brave little
guys...this was funny to see. I can just imagine the determination!
Thank you for taking the time to read my tribute to my angel mother.
love and light aNNa xo

Beth Niquette said...

Those pesky darling cute creatures! We have a family of squirrels living in the trees here. They regularly use the electricity wires along our alley as their own personal highway. Tch tch tch.

Jean said...

Too funny! I've heard to use a slinky on a pole feeder. That is supposed to be funny to watch too. Love the spring pics. I'm ready! Jean

Cheryl said...

Hi have to admire them for their determination. If they want something, they will do everything to get it.....

It is fascinating to see black squirrels......

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
Your squirrel story is so funny!
Ours are also able to get around and over all the determents we put up! I have a squirrel baffle on the feeding station that does a fairly good job, but if the squirrels are hungry enough they will find a way to get to the seed. I often will put corn and nuts out for them. I saved acorns for the Flickers and squirrels will get into those baskets.
Love your daffs...I have not begun my countdown to spring just yet....soon I will. I am missing the bees and the butterflies.

Abba's Girl said...

So cute! Too bad I am not as tenacious with exercise and the more difficult chores around the house...

Hugs, Annette

Abba's Girl said...

I was watching squirrels as I planted more flowers today....violas, pansies,larkspurm and snapdragons...a lot of flowers and plants died 2 weeks ago, it was 18-30F for 3 days...which is rare for us...

mxtodis123 said...

There is something waiting for you at Moontides.

Hilary said...

Oh they're very good at getting around things. I have a couple of squirrels which give me a hard time too. But they're darn cute. Try leaving peanuts for them. Maybe they'll leave the seed and suet alone. I find that helps sometimes.. but not always.

Mark said...

They are ingenious in their ability to get to food. Great pics, thanks for sharing.

Shammickite said...

Determined little whatnots aren't they? I had a lot of trouble with them robbing the bird feeder until we put a metal short on the post.... they still haven't figured out how to get round and over it.

Shammickite said...

I meant METAL SKIRT, not short.... my fingers are not doing what I tell them to do today.

JeanMac said...

Too funny - you're ingenious but it's tough to be outwitted by a darn squirrel:) PS Hope things are OK.

Wendy said...

Hi Mary, what a cute story. You certainly have spoiled those squirrels. LOL!

Hi Jackie - oh, I couldn't resist. Last year I didn't have the pop bottles and the squirrels demolished the birdfood. I used to thump on the window to scare them away and they'd fall in the snow. Wish I had a pic of that!

Hi Betsy - oh, I'd be out there all day with a squirt gun! Knocking on the window works at first, but then they just ignore me. They really are persistent little critters.

Hi Hummer, oh I hear ya. I think persistence more than patience. They just don't quit!

Hi Karen - I'll send you some of mine. LOL!

Hi Maggie - beasts is right!

Hi Rose, you may be right - your pets keep the squirrels in their place!

Hi Amelia, oh they are entertaining alright! I just don't like to see all my birdfood vanish in 5 minutes. And I don't like to encourage the squirrels or chipmunks too much or they'll eat my bulbs in summer too. It must be fun to see flying squirrels - they're smaller critters, aren't they?

Wendy said...

Hi Allie - you got that right!

Hi Anna, they are determined little creatures. I'll send you some. lol!

Hi Beth, hmmmmm, I hope they don't get electrocuted!

Hi Jean, a slinky? That sounds like fun. I'd like to seem them try to get around that!

Hi Cheryl, we live close enough to the Ontario border to get some of their black squirrels. Closer to Montreal, they're all grey. So we have both in our yard.

Hi Sherry, that's an idea - maybe I should save some acorns in the fall for the squirrels. I know you save yours for the birds, but I wonder if the squirrels would leave the birdfood alone if there were plenty of acorns around. Hmmmmm.

Hi Annette I don't think household chores or exercise are high on my priority list either! I hope your flowers are o.k.

Thanks Mary - will check out moontides.

Hi Hilary, I think I'll try your idea. Thanks.

Hi Mark, thanks, they sure are.

Hi Shammickite - glad the metal skirt (not short, ha ha) worked for you.

Hi JeanMac - the squirrels win every time! We're o.k. thanks for your concern.