Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mistress Mousey.....

.......popped into say:
"Have a very nice Valentine's Day!" Sister Rose's face all aglow...
Hopes that no-one will push her in the snow!

Pink and yellow
Red and green
Loveliest roses
I've ever seen! (green refers to the foliage)
O.K., so a poet, I'm not. It was fun anyway - just to see what would rhyme.
Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day.

Update: thank you all for your concern and good advice.
I am looking into retirement homes. One that has particularly caught my eye, is for autonomous seniors. The units are apartments with full kitchen. There is an emergency call button in each room. And a nurse on the premises at all times. The activities sound wonderful (for me). Location is a block or two away from the general hospital.

However, the units are quite small (read: very small). And the rental cost per month is quite expensive.
At this point I am just gathering information. Hubby is not too pleased, but I told him I would not force him into anything (read: this will take time to accept). The reality is, we need to make changes in our lifestyle, as I can't go on like this forever.


Naturegirl said...

Wendy a happy little poem! I love the roses in fact your images of flowers are wonderful in previous posts!

I am sorry that I am was not aware of your concern re: changing lifestyle.
I can only guess it's about the stress of caregiving. I can appreciate it as you know I went through this same decision making when my mother had been diagnosed w/ dimentia. I just could not care for her..too much stress on my body and spirit..and you know what happened to me.
Finding the right place to live for her level of care and one that I was comfortable with was such a concern.

The adjustment is difficult I know.
Wishing you strength and comfort as you make these important decisions in your life.May you and hubby find peace in doing so.
love and light aNNa xo

Cheryl said...

Hi Wendy.....such a cute little mouse and the roses are any girls delight.

I am glad you are finding your way re the apartment. I am sure your decisions will be the right ones for you and hubby. Life is so challenging at times Wendy.....I do hope everything works out the way that you would like.

beckie said...

Wendy, I thought your poem was delightful! That mouse is so cute. And of course the roses are beautiful. Nothing brightens the day like gorgeous roses. :)

There are lots of places out there for people in your situation. I know you will find the right place. Just don't make too quick a decision. I am glad you are 'changing with the seasons'. I wish you only the best and the strength to do what must be done. Take care dear, and if you need to talk, I am only an email away.

Mom2-2goodboys said...

Wendy! You are a poet! I loved your little rhyme.

I understand how difficult it is to take care of a home on your own. I lived on my own for a few years before marrying. It can be overwhelming when something major goes wrong. You will get through this latest crisis at your home.

However, I do agree with you about finding another place to live that will not be so much work for you. Good luck with your search. I'm sure you will find something that will please both of you.

Rose said...

A belated Happy Valentine's Day, Wendy! Your poem is perfect for the day, and of course, the roses are beautiful.

I know it's difficult to make a decision about moving, but it's good that you are looking into it and talking it over with Hubby. I think a place such as you describe would give you so much peace of mind, knowing that you will have help nearby should it be needed. I agree with Beckie, though, not to rush into it. I hope that you can eventually find a place that both you and Husband will be happy with.

Abba's Girl said...

Belated Valentine Greetings. Thinking of you.


Hilary said...

Beautiful roses. I hope all works out for you. I suspect that in time, the perfect place will present itself to you.

Shammickite said...

Lovely flowers, roses are so gorgeous.
I'm thinking of simplifying life too... moving out of my big house to something smaller. It's a big decision to make, but I'm sure it will be the right one for you. And for me too, I hope!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Making changes are hard, Wendy. None of us likes to do this. We are going through this with G's parents. They don't want to leave their home. When does it become too much for them--and ultimately unsafe for them to be there???? When does it become time for someone who knows what is best to step in and 'force' some of these changes???? That's hard --but in many cases, it needs to be done.

You cannot keep handling all of the hard jobs at your home. To see the house and move isn't easy--but maybe it needs to happen. You MAY have to make the hard decisions for both of you. Maybe hubby doesn't understand what has to be done...????? BUT--I know that it's hard no matter what happens.

Can you hire someone to come into the house and do some of the heavier work??? That would keep you in the house for awhile longer.. Just a thought.

Also--what are your kids saying and doing? How can they help??? Do any of them live close by?

My love and prayers are with you, Wendy.

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
It is good you are looking into what is available. Best to gather information and look at all the options. You are going about this life style change in the most balanced of ways.
I am sending you clarity and hugs,

Mark said...

Creating awareness is the first step in positive action. Keep looking at your options.

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

What a sweet little mousey, and lovely roses. They look perfect. Do they have any perfume?

I have tried to send you an email twice, and it has been bounced back both times!


amelia said...

Where have I been???? I have you on my 'Follow' thingy but somehow these posts have not shown!!

I just adore the little mouse and would love to get one. Obviously I'm way too late for this year but maybe next???

I think the retirement living is a great idea but I guess that hubby probably thinks that you will both be giving up too much. It sounds as if it would be wonderful for you and although this happened some time ago now, I'm wondering if there has been any more talk about it in your house?

My mother needs assissted living in the worst way but totally refuses so we do what we can and let her muddle along as best she can. I keep hoping that something will force her hand.

Wendy said...

Hi Amelia,
Oh, I sometimes think there are gremlins in cyberspace (actually one of them just ate this sentence and I had to re-type it!).
Blog posts get lost, disappear, pop up again. Who knows?

No, hubby definitely does not want to move. It does work living here. I was just overwhelmed in the moment. Thanks for your concern.