Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter isn't over yet!

Look who was foraging for food on my back deck. Yes you! What are you doing up and about? Does this mean spring is here?

No such luck.

Snow, snow and more snow today.

The house across the street. Ah well, I don't really mind. It is rather pretty - and March is almost here. Still winter in these parts, but we've had a good one, so far.
I know that hasn't been the case for my neighbours south of here. Florida, Texas and other parts of the world have had an unusually cold winter.

The days are getting longer and if little chipmunks come out of hibernation to run on the snowbanks, then deep inside the Earth, life is beginning to wake up.

Update: We are not moving. Hubby nearly had a panic attack when I approached him seriously with my plans. I did not realize how someone in his position would be clinging so tightly to familiar territory. As long as he has his familiar surroundings to hold on to, he feels somewhat secure and in control. To take that away from him would be like sinking his lifeboat. I had no idea.

So, we will hire people to do the heavy work that I cannot. I am relieved in some ways. A couple of days before this snowfall, I was looking in the garden (up against the south side of the house) to see if any little crocus shoots had come up. I know it is way too early, but since it has been warm.... Then I thought of missing this. And of all the space we do have to live in. The privacy of our back yard. Our big outdoor deck. One day I will leave it all....... but not yet.


Beverly said...

Oh, your snow photos are so pretty. Yes, it has been cold in Florida, and it came in again this afternoon with some rain. So many of our plants got burned.

Thanks for your update. I remember reading your thoughts, but I didn't take the time to comment. I've sort of been out of the loop a little.

Those little chipmunks are so cute.

Beverly said...

Yes, sometimes we think we want one thing, then something happens to make us realize we are good right where we are....

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

That little chipmunk is so cute, and your snow photos are stunning. I have always loved the stark contrast of the dark bark against the sparkling white of the snow. Gorgeous.

I think you are very wise to wait to make so many changes. Hubby is so sick, and I am sure that your home is familiar and comforting to him. Change can be scary, and when you are ill, impossible to be resilient.

Karin said...

Love your photos! Cute little chipmunks foraging around! Like you said - spring is at work in the earth already! God has ordained it to be!

No harm in looking and gathering information of what possibly needs to happen in the future! Meanwhile, live for each day and may you be blessed with supernatural stamina!

Maggie May said...

Beautiful little chipmunks and lovely pictures of the snow. Now that we are unlikely to get any more, I can appreciate snow better!

Nuts in May

Rose said...

Winter is definitely not leaving us either, Wendy. Your photos are so pretty; I enjoy seeing all the magical scenes created by the snow--when they're in someone else's yard:) One of these days the crocuses will be popping up, and then we can get optimistic.

Good to hear you're staying where you are. I can understand Hubby's reluctance to change environments; it can be difficult for anyone to make such a big change, and I know you don't want to add any more stress to him. Getting help for the work you can't manage sounds like an ideal solution. I hope you have chances to get out once in awhile and have some time for yourself, too, Wendy.

mxtodis123 said...

Winter sure isn't giving up without a fight, that's for sure. Love the little chipmunk. They are just too cute. And such photos...beautiful.

Wendy said...

Hi Bev, I'm sorry to hear that your plants got burned. That's so frustrating. Thanks for stopping by. I know you've been under the weather, so I am glad to hear from you.

Hi Bev, yes, you are right. It would be hard to leave in some ways, but in others....

Hi Jen, I had wanted to make things easier for hubby too. A retirement home with nursing staff on the premises sounded like a good idea, especially for when I was out. But hubby does not want to live anywhere else. So, yes, change at this time would be way too much stress.

Wendy said...

Hi Karen, spring is stirring, I can feel it. Oh boy, do I need some of that stamina!

Hi Maggie May - it's always nice to look a pictures of snow, rather than having to drive or shovel it.

Hi Rose, Oh, I enjoy looking at snow pics on somebody else's blog too. And the ice pics - some are really pretty. Can't wait for the crocus to peek through the snow.

Change at this point is not the right way to go. Everything is a learning experience and I'm learning every day!

Hi Mary, I think winter is here for a little while yet. Chipmunks are cute - unless they're eating my bulbs or flowers. LOL!

Mark said...

It has been snowing here for the last 26 or so hours. I am loving it, is beautiful. I am grateful for the nourishment that it provides the earth and I will love the spring when it has sprung.
Good that you appreciate and understand your husbands needs. Stay dry and warm.

Q said...

Each season is beautiful in its own way. Your late winter snow is very pretty. I think it is so wonderful you voiced your desires and listened to hubby's needs too. You have an idea of what is available if and when you ever need to move. For now you have a plan on how to get your needs met. Good for you! Speaking up is important. I am so happy you honor your needs.
Happy March! Spring is slowly wakening.

Ruth said...

Lovely winter pictures and that chipmunk better go back to sleep for a bit. I would miss my garden terribly if I moved to an apartment. Glad you are able to stay put for now.

Wendy said...

Hi Mark, sounds like you're getting an awful lot of snow! Hope it has stopped by now. Love your attitude.

Hi Sherry,Happy March too. Thank you for your kind words. Spring is definitely here.

Hi Ruth, oh I'd never give up a garden. I do mostly container gardening here anyway. Our property is too sandy. If I moved to an apartment, I'd just do the same. Garden on the balcony. Those chipmunks are here to stay. Still running around, and it's still nice and sunny.

Deborah said...

Fabulous photos of the trees covered in snow. They would make lovely greeting cards. It is beautiful where you live. Serene.
♥ Deb

amelia said...

I don't know how I missed this!!

Poor little thing must have not been able to store enough to get him through the winter!! That's usually the only reason they will come out this early.

I hope he found some food..

Wendy said...

Hi Deb, thanks for your kind words, re my photos. Serene is a good word - unless you have to drive in that snow. LOL!

Hi Amelia, the chipmunks sometimes come out this early when it's warm and sunny and we've had such a mild, sunny winter this year. The chipmunks are running all over the snowbanks and even over the road, so they're awake. And must be finding food too. This chipmunk on my back deck is eating the sunflower seeds I'd put out for the birds.

LoveCompanion said...

this is adoring! I love chipmunks and the mist and the winter scene looks so crisp and clear. Thanks for sharing ;) have a lovely day! ~Jenn