Friday, January 28, 2011

Where Are The Birds?

I've been open, willing, and extremely happy to receive all the signs David has been sending me.  "Proof" if  you will that there is an Afterlife. "Proof" that energy does not die. "Proof" in our strong connection.

But there is one thing that puzzles me. Pulls at me.

There have been pens lying in the grass, butterflies sent to comfort my weeping soul, a hot spot on his side of our bed, just where David used to sit and sip tea before settling down to sleep, caterpillars curled up in the garden, playing "dead", but coming "alive" a few minutes later, and the Bird Story.

You remember the Bird Story. The one where I was looking after my grandchildren back in the summer. I'd just come into the house, to catch the childrens' show on television about the little bird who needed to fly free. He thanked the tearful child who had looked after him all winter, told the child he loved him,  but now it was time for him to go and join the rest of the flock. To fly away to freedom. Sad, but a very important life lesson.

Then there was the hawk messenger. I had seen it flying from my back deck a week before David died. And then once again, in our meditation the night before……

My birthday weekend, I spent at the home of Firstborn Son and his family. They had invited me so I wouldn't be alone. Early morning, as is my custom, I took my cup of coffee over to the kitchen window to watch the day begin. It was still dark, but a hazy light allowed me to just make out the shape of a rabbit, nibbling something under their crab apple tree.

"We're Lucky Rabbits!" David was fond of saying. Even at the end. We were lucky to have each other. I was pleased with this "sign" on my birthday. Daughter-in-law, coming up behind me, took one look at that rabbit and had a different interpretation. "Fertility, isn't that what rabbits mean?" I choked on my coffee, but kept a straight face. "Hmmmmm," was all I said.

Not long afterwards, we were sitting around the breakfast table, when my eyes were drawn to movement in their backyard. Two cardinals perched on that crab apple tree. Then two more. Then a whole gathering! I was amazed! I had never seen so many cardinals all at once. They filled that tree. A message from David for sure.  Later I looked up some facts about cardinals and read that they mate for life.

What's puzzling me, is the lack of birds in my own backyard. There have been none at all this winter. Our bird feeders are full. David used to enjoy sitting in his comfy chair by the window watching winter birds. We had finches, chickadees, some cardinals and blue jays, juncos, and woodpeckers in the trees. This year there are none. Every morning I watch for them. None. I've taken down the feeders, washed them, refilled them,  but it changes nothing. They are full. Swinging eerily in the cold winter air. Not a bird in sight. How strange. Did David take the birds? Are they escorting him somewhere?

I was at my doctor's office (yes, it feels strange to be seeking the services of a physician for a sore thumb joint, when all I had to do before was ask hubby). My doctor is a very kind, patient, and compassionate person. I came for a minor problem and yet she took a good amount of time to sit and talk. To ask how I was doing. When I mentioned my enigma over the lack of birds in my backyard, she said, "yes, that's strange, but I had another patient who had that very same experience. The winter after her husband died, there were no birds at the feeders, or in their yard. The next year they all came back, but that first one, they were gone."

Ah, so I'm not going crazy, or somehow repelling the birds with my sorrow. They will be back, at least I hope so. Has anybody else heard of this?


mxtodis123 said...

I know that furry and feathered creatures can sense things, but this I really cannot answer. Perhaps they do sense your mourning, but I don't think you are repelling them. Perhaps they are giving you time to heal.

Hilary said...

I'm a great believer in messages such as you described though I've not heard of birds disappearing after a death. Perhaps they are in mourning right along with you.

I do know that one year, for several weeks, the birds were not coming to my feeder at all - though they had in years prior. It was probably because of the seed I had purchase at a great price. It was on sale and I got 2 or 3 large bags of it. The birds would have nothing to do with it. When I replaced it with a better quality seed, they were back to normal within a few days.

You might want to experiment with one feeder and a small bag of something different.

Wendy said...

Hi Mary,
Perhaps they are giving me time to heal. I really don't know what to make of it.

Hi Hilary,
Thanks for your recommendation for changing the seed. I have thistle for the finches, black sunflower seeds for cardinals and blue jays, and some regular mixed seed for all the other birds. I have changed it all several times since last fall. Even the squirrels aren't interested. I do see them in the trees, but they've stayed away from the feeders. Very odd.

Karin said...

It's quite intriguing as to where the birds are! Never heard of all these phenomena before!

Maggie May said...

My garden used to be packed with birds, especially sparrows but now there are hardly any about at all.
I put this down to some natural phenomena.
Strangely enough..... in UK this weekend is National Birdwatch! So now I have to go down and study the garden for an hour & report back how many birds I saw in an hour. I hope it isn't a complete waste of time but there IS a decline in many species for some reason and these bird watches help to find out the reason why.
Love your header.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Nature Rambles said...

Wendy, that is so strange, about the birds, I mean. I haven't heard of this but I can relate to all the other signs that you've described so beautifully.

And congratulations! I'm sure your book will be most interesting. Please keep us updated on this.

Hugs and prayers,


Cheryl said...

Hi Wendy, I have no answers to this one....
However, I do believe there is so much we have to learn about the creatures that live alongside us.

I do love how the fact you receive the messages from David with an open is so very beautiful.

With reference to the birds, many are disappearing. I have lost several species this year. Without doubt climate change and loss of habitat is affecting our wildlife and this concerns me greatly.

Have a lovely weekend Wendy and I hope that life is treating you kindly....

E said...

Hi Wendy, Hope you had an awesome time. I have missed you. It could be they flew south. for there own protection. When the tornado came thew Ark and Missouri. There we 1000's of black bird found dead in Arkansas. There cause of death was blunt force trauma. I have read the same time on new years eve that birds in a few other places around the world died too.

In West Virginia, I was at my aunts home when my real dad was in the hospital. A rin bird was banging on the side of her house. She said if he gets in that means soon some one would die. 3 months later my dad passed. But they live a life of superstition. They including my mom have all kinds of rules passed on by there elders. My mom only passed on a few to me. Ones I rebelled against.
Any way I send a big hug and lots of love. E

amelia said...

That's really strange about the birds. We feed them and we have hundreds, literally! Even last weekend when it was -36 they were flocking to the feeders when I thought they'd be going to find a warmer spot to feed! Today it's -25 and the same thing, the feeders are full of birds.
Maybe they are mourning with you and will be back next year..

Rose said...

Wendy, I have no explanation either. I've noticed this year that many of the birds that usually visit here in the winter haven't appeared. I keep thinking it is due to climate or habitat changes. Cardinals have always been my favorites. Last year I saw a male and a female on the feeder together--I swear they were kissing!

Your doctor sounds like a very special person.

The Good Cook said...

Wendy, no birds at my feeders either. I don't know what to make of it other than they are so beautiful, perhaps they are giving me space to grieve properly.

Kat said...

I am a big believer in signs. It could be a sign. Or maybe there is a very large hawk or owl in your neighborhood. ;)

I am glad you are seeing signs all around you. It must be a great comfort to you.
I am perplexed as to why my dad has not sent me signs. I thought he would. But nothing. Odd. I do hope I get a sign someday when I really need one.

Shammickite said...

perhaps one of your neighbours is offering a better quality seed.... or possibly there's a new cat or hawk that has taken up residence in the area. I'm sure the birds will be back eventually.

JeanMac said...

Hi Wendy - think of you all the time. I haven't heard of this but makes perfect and kind of nice to share it with family during your visit.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Wendy, I can't explain about the birds --but it is interesting to hear the doctor say that he had another patient who had had the same experience...

Maybe the birds are in mourning --and just need to stay away this winter--out of respect... ??????? Hopefully, they will come back next year..

May God Bless You.

Naturegirl said...

Wendy your doctor is compassionate to your emotional needs.I can't think of a reason for the birds vanishing but I do believe that our loved ones who have passed on do come back to us just when we need a sign. May your heavy heart feel light.sending you love and light from afar.