Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Power of Choice

I was at the bottom of the well.
I was stuck. It had been going on for too long;  so I came to a decision.
I Chose to leave those tears behind,  pick myself up and fly away.
South. Where the energies are warm and strong.

I Chose Travel, rather than Drowning.

"Who did you go with?"
"Nobody... just me."
"Ohhhh, you're brave."
"No, I"m not."

I Chose to travel alone, rather than wait for somebody, anybody to go with me.
I Chose my own time.
I Chose my vacation, and went to Sint Maarten, the Dutch side of the island (the other side is French).

It did me the world of good.

I listened to the timeless rhythm of  ocean waves; their gentle voices reaching out to soothe my soul.
I allowed the softness of sweet ocean air to caress my skin; its tenderness a balm for raw, sore nerves.

I waited expectantly every morning for the peachy-golden glow of  a Caribbean sun to wake up the earth. As the softness of first light transformed into the passion of a strong and fiery yellow sun, I relaxed into that heat; the warmth spreading throughout my body, awakening a faint stirring of joy. A feeling I thought had been lost, buried, forgotten; a subtle shimmering from somewhere deep within my being.

"Braid your hair, Miss?"
I blinked. Sat up in my chair. Where had she come from? Wasn't it rather early to be working the beach?
I looked around. There were more people here now. Had I fallen asleep? I looked at my watch. It had stopped.

The brightly clad, plumpish Island woman looked at me curiously. She was waiting for my answer.
"No thanks," I started to say, sinking back into my beach chair. Then I changed my mind. And sat back up.
"Yes, I'd like my hair braided. Let's do it!"
"Welcome to Sint Maarten!" she sang with a friendly smile and a swish of her skirts. She plunked herself down, reached into her bag and brought out a multitude of coloured beads for me to Choose.

I Chose pink and white and blue beads.
I Chose to lighten up and have fun.
I Chose to open up and breathe.
I Chose Life.


mxtodis123 said...

What a lovely place! I'm so glad to hear that you went and that it was so helpful today. I love getting away alone...although the furthest I get is the library in my home town when I work on my genealogy, but it is such a different place than this crowded city. I find it so soothing to get out amongst the trees and the grass.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wendy, Did you really do this???? That is AMAZING... I hope you did. I am so proud of you.

That is definitely one way to choose LIFE.... Next, you have to find ways to choose this life back at home also.....

We went to St. Maarten --as part of a South Caribbean cruise in 2001. It is GORGEOUS.


Karin said...

Wonderful way to choose life! Beautiful photos - love the water, the sun, the pool! Wow, I'm really impressed that you went alone! It does take time to heal! God bless and comfort you and give you His joy of life!

Ruth said...

Good for you!! It looks like a beautiful, healing spot.

Hilary said...

Wendy, that's wonderful. You are so inspiring.

And I'd love you see a photo of your beaded braids! ;)

Grammy said...

What a beautiful place. Wish I was there with you. : ) I am glad to here you are doing some things for your self. It is your first steps in your new journey, Big hug Missed ya too. E

jojo said...

Oh Wendy I am so proud of you for taking that first step. Traveling alone would probably be the hardest thing for me to try but I know there are many beautiful soul-healing places and people to see. I can feel a peacefulness about you and it does my spirit well...take care dear one.

Naturegirl said...

Wendy I remember visitng the turquoise water in St. Marten! A place with sun sand and good for the heart and soul! Good for you getting on with the art of living.
hugs Anna

Natalie said...

How beautiful!!!! I'd like to see a piccie of you too, Wendy. ♥

amelia said...

Beautiful!! Good for you for doing this. I bet it took a lot of courage but you did it and you came back more whole, I'm sure of it!!

Kat said...

Wonderful, wonderful! :)

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

What a lovely thing to do for yourself--both the vacation and the hair braids. There is nothing like the ocean to bring balance back. You feel so in sync with universe. I especially love the ocean at night with the pull of the moon and the expanse of the stars to make me feel grounded.

Would have loved to see your beautiful hair! :-)


Rose said...

Good for you, Wendy! There is nothing like a change of scenery, especially when it means sunny beaches and the relaxing sound of the ocean, to help nurture the soul. But sometimes it's making the effort to get there that keeps us from doing what we need to. I'm so proud of you for pulling yourself up out of the well and taking off, Wendy.

I'd love to see your beaded hair!

femail doc said...

Ditto that! Where's the braided bebeaded you?

Maggie May said...

I have only one thing to say..... BRILLIANT!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Anonymous said...

Oh Wendy...I'm so happy for you!! Good you took that break and from your photos and your description, it was well worth it.

Thank you for the comment on my blog and mentioning my flowers to another Indian in the Caribbean. It doesn't matter that you couldn't remember which part I was from...the thought was lovely. Thanks! So do we get to see a beaded and braided you?!!

Shammickite said...

It's about time.

ShirleyAnn said...

Just found your new blog and have been catching up. Beautiful pictures.

Seema Patel said...

Very inspiring.....loving your blog..