Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Winter Escape

Good Morning, Florida!

There's nothing like warm sand between fingers and toes. 

Or having a pit full of baby alligators to feed.

Cute little critters - glad there's a bridge to stand upon.

Rare opportunity to hold a 2-year old alligator.
Can't do that where we come from!
Not sure if you can see, but they've taped the mouth shut. 

And on to the tortoise.
He was very gentle and allowed the children to pet him.

Pool time at the Resort.
January in Florida is relatively quiet.

Ahhh - Evening.
One last wade-in-the-ocean before heading back to the hotel.


Hilary said...

How nice.. lucky you to be able to spend time south with the kidlets like that. They must be thrilled to be with you. Enjoy, dear Wendy.. and please send some of that warmth up here!

Celia said...

Such a wonderful break. Fill your heart with that sunshine and take it home with you.

Maggie May said...

How lovely for you all to visit Florida.
A bit warmer than here!
Those alligators probably have sharp teeth even though they're small!
Maggie x

Rose said...

Love your header photo! But even better is the contrast between it and the photos in your post. Glad you are getting a chance to spend some time somewhere warm. Seeing the photos of the alligators reminds me of our first family trip to Disney World many years ago. On a whim one day we stopped at a nearby attraction called Gatorland, where the oldest three got their photo taken holding a baby alligator with a python wrapped around their necks. They still remember that, and I think they enjoyed that even more than Disney World!

Shammickite said...

We could all do with a dose of Florida sunshine right now, it's supposed to be -15C tomorrow afternoon, then going down to -25C tomorrow night.
Now, where did I leave those fur lined long johns?
Have a wonderful time!

Tabor said...

I sit here for a one day rest in South Carolina and then am on my way to Florida for a few weeks. OUT OF THE COLD. I hope that they do not release those alligators to the wild after they train them to look to humans for food. This is the problem with sharks in the tropics now. There are tour groups feeding them!!!

Anvilcloud said...

Good for you. This is a very good winter for a southern getaway.

Grammy said...

So happy to see you had an exciting trip. Remember the gator I got to hold. It did not have tape. But You do have to take caution with so many people to hold them. It is great to experience them. I so wish I was with you. The warm air and sand I bet was wonderful. I am so happy for you. hugs.

Shammickite said...

You must be back from Florida right now.....?

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

Your time in Florida with family looks like it was great fun. It's been a very cold winter this year. We managed to get south to Cuba for a week in February the Day after hubby's 75TH BD.
I'm always happy to hear from you and that things are well with you.