Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Beginning to Lighten

I heard a chickadee call as the sky began to lighten this morning. We've just come out of a deep freeze here in the eastern part of Canada and this was a welcome gift from Mother Nature.

It had been so cold my garage doors were frozen shut, there was ice build-up in the corners of my north-facing windows, even though I keep my home warm. My oil furnace was working continuously, heating the house (for which I am grateful - what did natives in this country do before central heating? I can't imagine!)  drying out the air and making my hair fly-away and clothing full of static.

Stepping outside I was met with the sting of a brutal arctic wind on my face, and even with a scarf covering mouth and nose, breathing was very difficult. Some days I stayed indoors, chopping vegetables to pop into a nourishing broth. Soup making always brings on a feeling of comfort, of a warm kitchen, mothers or grandmothers in aprons, gentle hugs, steamy windows, neighbours popping in, tea and cookies, friendship and lively conversation.

But today the air is warmer, almost spring-like in contrast. As the sky lightens there is a surge of new energy, of hope that the worst is over - at least for now. Winter still has it's polar bear arms wrapped fiercely around us, but we can wiggle out and play in the snow.

I have a full day planned with a breakfast club gathering, a stop into the florist for fertilizer and potting soil (my indoor plants are looking at me pleadingly), a few other errands and then a good long afternoon walk in the sunshine.

How is it in your part of the world?


A Heron's View said...

Here in the Irish midlands it is 5deg C, overcast and rather damp in places from yesterdays torrential rain - not a pleasant day for going out in, rather a for the fireside.

A Heron's View said...

'day for the fire'

Celia said...

Soup cooking is the best, the house smells like comfort and home. The winter solstice always makes me happy cuz the light is coming back :-) And I am so grateful for our heat too.

Lisa Greenbow said...

You were right on with your comment on my blog that it seems we are having the same weathers. I am way down south from you in SW Indiana. This morning after a few days of spring-like weather we are having an Ice and Snow event. Nothing like a flip flop of weather. My DB went to the grocery last night and brought in some soup making ingredients. That is what is happening here. I am going to stay in and cook soup, drink tea and read about gardens and flowers then dream. Yes, these modern conveniences (furnaces) are a blessing.

Anvilcloud said...

The temperature is dropping here near Ottawa, and we are worried about flash freezing for those who must commute home later this afternoon.

No, I didn't get socks for Christmas. They are just an ongoing part of my life now. :)

Shammickite said...

Yes it was brutally cold wasn't it? And even though we had a couple of days of thaw, the bitter cold is back again. I am very grateful for a warm house and a warm car when I need to go anywhere. And I love my hot water bottle!
But I keep busy with grandchildren and ice hockey (them playing not me!) and art and reading and visiting friends. No need to be cold. But hurry up spring!!!!!!

Cheryl said...

Hi Wendy,

Beautiful post. Felt like I was reading an extract from a book.
I hope that you enjoyed your walk.

Weather here is wet, cold and grey. We are expecting an artic blast this week. Brrr.

Enjoy your week.

Anonymous said...

Need to be careful in these climate. Be safe and take care:)

Daniel LaFrance said...

It’s been too long since I last posted here.. and after reading your post I felt right at home.
Your post reads so easily; laid back with a feeling of a nice comforting warm embrace.

I hope you’re keeping well.

Lowcarb team member said...

Such a lovely post and the photograph shows a beautiful sky.

Our weather in my part of the UK is grey skies, quite chilly and rain!

Hope you have a good weekend.

All the best Jan

stardust said...

I recall the early January was shivering cold unusually. The highest temperatures of the day was always single digit (Celsius) and the lowest was -3 to 0. Bitterly cold wind felt like a razor cutting through the street. But on a little warmer days, I felt cold air as bracing. I like your expression; “Winter still has it's polar bear arms wrapped fiercely around us.” Since the cold air to Japan is from Siberia, we call it “General Winter/Frost” by association with the frost and snow which defeated Napoleon in winter battles.

Have happy days ahead.