Thursday, August 20, 2009

Flower Faces

Hellow Mistress Pansy. You look cheerful this morning.
And Lady Fushia - such pretty wings you have!
Pattie Petuna - you look thoughtful today, what's going on in your world?
Merry Marigold - what secrets have you to share?
Just to change the pace a bit - here is my newest creation, in a shady corner - just to the right of our front door.
Janie Jump-Up, how positively glowing you are! Just back from vacation? Or is something else going on?
And Barbie Begonia, how demure you look, dressed in your ruffles. This dear little petuna is another Queen of the Lawn. I found her all by herself, not far from where Pansy Queen was growing. I had picked Pansy and put her in the house a while ago. I was afraid the fellows who cut our grass would mow her down. So she's gone. But where did this one come from? I didn't plant any petunias in the front garden this year, so this remains a mystery.

Oh excuse me! I didn't realize you were washing your face. I'll just let you be.... Now, how did She get in here??


Betsy from Tennessee said...

What an adorable post, Wendy... I love the names you are giving your flowers--and the comments you made. SUCH a creative group of pictures and comments... LOVE it.

That last one just sums it all up!!!!! ha


JeanMac said...

What a happy, whimsical post. Hope your "girls" are tucked in for the night.

beckie said...

Wendy, your ladies do look so fresh and glowing. The yellow begonia is beautiful. The little petunia is such a sweet surpise. It amazes me how far their seeds are scattered and against all odds they grow and bloom.

Love your front door addition. Sych a pleasant view you have provided for visitors and yourself. The ladybug 'climbimg' the vine adds just the right touch of whimsy.

Have a great weekend!

Grammy said...

They are all beautiful Wendy, I love your last smiley faced surprise. This was so fun to read.
I have missed ya too. Big bug. Have a great weekend.

Mom2-2goodboys said...

Wendy, your garden looks so beautiful! I only wish my garden looked as nice as yours. This year my flowers did not come in as lush. Too much rain? too little? not enough sun? I don't know. But I am disappointed in my flowers this year.

Keith and I have been working on our front yard. We pulled out the old overgrown bushes and replaced them with hosta's and different flowering plants. I hope to do a post that shows the improvement soon.

Take care and keep showing us how a garden should look.

Bird said...

What a lovely cheerful garden you have! Pansies are among my favourite flowers, we have a mixture of miniature ones in the garden this year and they have flowered non stop from April 'till now and will keep on going till Autumn I'm sure. They give so much!

Thank you for sharing your cheerful happy flowers :)

Q said...

They all are so pretty...all dressed up and ready for tea I would say!
Very fun post.

Cheryl said...

Hi Wendy....there is nothing like whimsy to make me smile.....and this post certainly did that...

It is just amazing how plants pop up in the strangest of places....little gifts from birds....or a gentle breeze.....who knows but delightful they are......

Shammickite said...

A purple pansy appeared in my front lawn unbidden this year too.... could it be a pansy conspiracy? Are they thinking of taking over the world? I mowed carefully around it until a couple of weeks ago, but finally had to cut it down. But not before it had left some seeds so perhaps it will come back next year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy. I sure do love your little corner with he rocks. The flower girls have are certainly putting their best face forward! Hope all is well.

Abba's Girl said...

I so look forward to planting pansies and petunias this fall. I hope they bloom as beautifully as yours do.

Beverly said...

I love your flowers, Wendy. They do each have their own personalities, don't they.

Naturegirl said...

Wendy! Just the sweetest post for me to stop by! Well I have never thought to name my flowers special names! What a sweet idea!!
I know who planted the petunia...the birds they do it all the time ..plant in the most peculiar places!!
I want to thank you for all your support and prayers and your friendship as I battle this cancer.
I feel just fine..I am a survivor!
love and light anna xo

Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord said...

What a fun and happy blog post! I loved each picture and the captions you included, and my goodness I have a thing for marigolds! My mother used to grow the most majestic marigolds---HUGE, beautiful, and they smelled wonderfully. (Not to deer, but to me!)
I love starting my morning this way - thank you!

Rose said...

Your little ladies are certainly providing you with a lot of color, Wendy. They're all so cheery, but the last one really puts a smile on my face:) I just got back from being away for a week, and my flowers look very neglected, not as perky as yours.