Thursday, November 22, 2018

Buddha Holding Up The Earth... the name of this Qi Gong pose. 

Standing at the shore as the sun slips towards the horizon and waves lick at my toes evokes within a sense of peace. 
Immersed in the power of sea and sky, I had no idea that my good friend Connie was taking my pic. Thank you Connie!

Naples, Florida. I'm here for a couple of weeks vacation. A time to escape the beginnings of winter back home in Canada. Friends come to stay for a few days and we have fun.

We visited the Botanical Gardens, shopped, ate the freshest seafood you can imagine and swam in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. I saw a small pod of dolphins one morning as I was sitting in the sand on my beach towel.

I jumped up in excitement and for a better view. Fins surfaced and dove, surfaced and dove, rhythmic in nature, perfect in synchronicity.  I watched in fascination and willed them closer to shore.

Well, it certainly wasn't me; must have been something (food?) that drew them closer. A little more, a little more, and in a flash I was in the water, swimming out to the sandbar where I could stand up and watch.  I was hoping I'd end up in their midst. These playful creatures only live for joy, so it seems.

They came close - about 10 feet I think. They did not circle around me as I'd hoped, but glided away towards a group of about 12 swimmers who were at the far end of the sandbar, shouting and pointing.

I have lots to tell when I get home.
Happy Thanksgiving to my American neighbours.
Hope wherever you are in your part of the world, it's not too cold and wet; November can be a damp month.


Celia said...

Such a beautiful experience. Glad your friend got you photos to enhance your memoires of this time.

Lowcarb team member said...

I enjoyed seeing your photographs.
What a marvellous experience seeing the dolphins …

All the best Jan

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Wow ---so great to hear from you.... There's a lot of difference between Canada and Florida. Sounds like you are REALLY enjoying your vacation.. Love the pictures!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving... We do have so many blessings, don't we?


Anvilcloud said...

But you're missing all of this snow and beautiful cold. lol

Cheryl said...

Fabulous place. My family and I visited many years ago.

I love your poise and elegance Wendy.
To see the dolphins adds another dimension.
Beautiful sense of peace and contentment.

peppylady (Dora) said...

I bet the weather is different from Flordia and Canada.
Coffee is on

stardust said...

Thank you for your pleasant surprise visit, Wendy. I can keep touch with you. Now I understand you were in Florida when this photo was taken. (Your clothing looks like summer’s.) Your friend did a good job to capture the moment when you breathed in the sea breeze to become one with the nature. I'm happy for you that you seem to have enjoyed yourself including seeing dolphins closer.

I don’t understand which is your last comment, but I think I received one more than half a year ago, which I’ve kept it as welcome message. Thanks again for your visit. Have happy days ahead.


Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

Wendy what a lovely post. The photos are so perfect in the thoughts of energy and power. Happy to hear you are enjoying some warm times away before our deep winter. Stay safe and loads of hugs,