Saturday, January 26, 2019

She Just Did It!

Granddaughter Kaitlin, my eldest grandchild,  climbed Mount Olympus in Greece. This was back in May when the school year was finished and before starting her summer job.

Kaitlin is 22 and following her dreams.

She didn't ask anyone's permission.
She didn't chat or post about it.
She didn't journal or meditate on it.
She didn't check her horoscope or even the weather report.

She let go of all fears, worries, or doubts swirling around in her mind.

She Just Did It.


Left her travelling companions to lounge about the hostel, or swim or visit with others or whatever they had planned for the day.

I am so proud of this young lady and the woman she is becoming.

p.s. or disclaimer or whatever: yes I stole those words ("she didn't ask....."). I used a fragment of a larger poem that I'd seen on the net, only I changed it to suit me and added a few bits.


Cloudia said...

Thank you for sharing this inspiring young lady!

Celia said...

It's so exciting to see our young ones go out into the world, gives me much hope. Thank you!

Anvilcloud said...

Not living life with sweaty palms,eh?

Did she meet any of the old gods up there?

Deborah said...

Oh WOW!!! What a Mighty Little Woman she is already. May all our granddaughters be Mighty. Good to see you writing again.

Lovelovelove to you, My Friend.

mxtodis123 said...

That is awesome. Congrats to your granddaughter.

Rose said...

Awesome! I know how proud you must be of her. Hope you are doing well, Wendy. I have been AWOL from the blogosphere for awhile...maybe when spring arrives, I'll get motivated to post again.:)

stardust said...

Dear Wendy - Standing on the top of Mt. Olympus alone is a great accomplishment. I think I know how you’re proud of Kaitlin and how you enjoy watching her develop her personality and grow matured. Thank you for your nice and encouraging comment on my blog. Have happy days ahead.


Abba's Girl said...

Inspirational young women.