Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just one more..

 These pics don't really go with the story either, but my excuse is it's summer (and anything goes in summer)

Being a Grandma means learning to keep your mouth shut. What worked for us 'way back in the olden days, doesn't necessarily work for our children in these new days. Besides, they need to be making their own decisions about their own lives. Just as we did when it was our turn.

Being a Grandma allows us to observe quietly. Perhaps we might learn something new about our fast-changing world. Even if things were better back then, that life is gone. Better to learn how to live today, than wish we were living yesterday.

Being a Grandma teaches us to be grateful. I'm grateful I don't have to run after active toddlers all day, every day. Only sometimes.

Being a Grandma gives us a new  freedom. I don't have to cook huge meals or do mountains of laundry any more. I can sit and read or sip tea without interruption all afternoon, if I choose.

And finally, being a Grandma gives us moments. Hugging moments, sharing moments, snuggling moments, comforting moments, loving moments, all laced together with smiles and chuckles at unexpected moments.

Okay, now here's the "just one more"......
A trip to the local public library was on our agenda that afternoon.
Bag of library books to be returned.
Water bottles and snacks.
Children in their car seats.
Seatbelts fastened (with a little difficulty as Grandma is not so dexterous as she once was, and those plastic thing-me-bobs clips that attach over, under, and between are hard on the thumbs!).

I quickly get in behind the wheel and push the "childproof  lock buttons" . Now, tiny fingers cannot open car doors while Grandma is driving.

Turning around to make sure everyone is all right, I notice four-year-old toddler is wiggling around uncomfortably in her carseat.
"What's wrong, Jasmine?"
"Grandma, " she says very politely in her little-girl voice, "will you please digest my seatbelt?"


mxtodis123 said...

Wish my boys would make me a grandma. It seems like I have been waiting forever. I'll be patient, though. Not pushing them into something they are not ready for. Love the pictures.

Karin said...

Love this! So true and had a full week of experiencing watching a 3 year old. Not used to 12 hrs. of that every day - but we managed!


Cheryl said...

Tku for my Sunday smile:)

Well written as always Wendy and so very true.

The grand children bring light to my life with their laughter and love. They visit tomorrow for three days. Whilst I am tired when they leave, I miss the echo of their voices around this old house. I miss seeing them asleep in their two little cherubs. I am truly blessed.

Maggie May said...

Hope it didn't stick in your throat!
Loved this post.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Hilary said...

Too adorable. I'm so ready for grandchildren. Alas neither of my son are ready to oblige.

Shammickite said...

I agree, being a Grandma (or in my case, a Nana) is wonderful! With the arrival of the twins last saturday, I now have 3 little boys and 1 little girl to spoil. I am over the moon with happiness to have them in my life. And I consider myself so lucky. Many of my friends are nowhere near the state of grandmaship, and I think they envy me when I tell stories of adventures with the little boys, or holding the newborn twins. I keep telling them that their turn will come.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Oh those sweet grandchildren. They say the cutest things.

I used to love to say that "It's fun to spoil the grands and then send them home to Mommy and Daddy." ha ha

Have fun...

sarah said...

I will learn much from your blog to become a nice grandmother.
So lovely photo and looks clever.
Have a fabulous day!

stardust said...

Hi Wendy! I’ll keep these tips in my mind. I’m so happy as a 8-month grandmother having a second chance with more relaxed feeling. I love to watch over my granddaughter exploring her new world like any other grandmas. This week she met her 90-year-old great-grandma for the first time and other relatives. Her smile was enough to melt anybody’s heart.

Enjoy your week.

Rose said...

Lol--"digest my seatbelt"--I love it:) Those darned carseats are great, but I've had trouble, too, with all the fasteners. One time I thought I was going to have to call someone to help me extricate my grandson from his:) But I remember the day when my oldest sons were little and they would ride in the front seat on my lap--without a seatbelt! Sometimes "the good old days" weren't so good after all.

I agree, being a Grandma is the best! I don't have to be the disciplinarian, either, so I get all the good without the bad:)

Jackie said...

I love those huggable snuggable moments with my Grands.
And "Will you digest my seatbelt" cracked me up!!! I love them...

Beth Niquette said...

Heehee--I'm so glad you are writing these dear things down. LOL

I am an auntie, which gives one some of the same advantages as being a Grammie. (Grin)

Have a lovely day, my Friend!

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
Your grandchildren are lucky to have you close by.
Grandmothers can give so very much to Grandchildren. It is a special relationship.
I never knew my Grandparents very well since my parents lived too far away to visit very often.
Your one on one time is a gift.
It is the way of Eldering.....

Anonymous said...

Oh lovely! Thanks for the chuckle, Wendy! Being a grandma sounds wonderful...I think I'm getting there too...minus the hugging/sharing moments. I'm glad I no longer have to be on my feet taking care of "needs". I can take my own sweet time now.

I'm back to blogging after the longest break I had. Congrats on your book!!:)

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

AWWW. Those tykes are so adorable. I love the way you describe how you see being a granny :)