Saturday, November 21, 2020

Our Story

"Oh What a Cruise! Late December back in '63, what a very special time for me...." 

Ok, it was mid-March, 2019. Spent 10 wonderful days on a Southern Caribbean cruise; drank in the softness of a warm ocean breeze, sweet trade winds caressing my skin and hair. Coconut oil and frangipani scenting the air. It was absolutely divine to sit out all day under a warm Caribbean sun, soaking up heat like a healing balm.
It was heaven! I felt alive! If only for a few days. Snow and ice and the harshness of winter left far behind.
I met some interesting people on this trip; some from far away, others closer to home. It was good to let loose and relax for awhile, to share stories and dance the night away.
One evening looking up at the stars from the ship's deck a fellow traveller nudges my elbow drawing my attention to the moon. Clear, bright and straight up above. Simply beautiful. 
The same moon just a little fuller, suddenly appears at the wing tip, as if guiding me safely home.
I met my Soulmate on this cruise - the fellow traveller who caught my attention and drew me in. And not just to look at the moon. 


Anvilcloud said...

My goodness. Like a storybook. I guess those kinds of things do happen.

Shammickite said...

Were you travelling on your own? Who did you meet? Do tell more!!!!

stardust said...

Oh, how so romantic, Wendy! Good for you that you could travel before the pandemic; future is uncertain. My son and his wife had a Caribbean cruise for their honeymoon. They have sweet memories. Thank you for your visit and leaving a comment. Have nice days ahead, and take care.