Saturday, April 23, 2022

Continuing On with Our Story

It was his beautiful smile and gentle energy that drew me like a moth to a flame. I couldn't understand why someone I didn't even know had this effect on me. 

The first time I saw him we were lining up to embark. His hair was long, too long in my opinion. But as he looked around our eyes met; I noticed a sweetness, a gentleness, an unassuming nature to this tall, dark stranger. 

It's amazing what you can read in a glance, a quick glimpse of someone's aura. 

I forgot all about him as my friend and I made our way through the embarkation process to finally board the ship. 

At last! Our ship had been delayed almost half a day and we were anxious to get to the Panama Canal.
This was a southern Caribbean cruise with ports of call: Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas, Aruba, Curaco, partial Panama transit, Costa Rica. 

And now here we were, I whirling around the dance floor with joyful abandon and he watching me from the sidelines. My heart gave a little jolt as our eyes met yet again. Strange. 
I ignored it and went on dancing.

It didn't take long for us to become acquainted. Wherever I was: at the pool, eating a meal, or relaxing on a beach chair in the sun, there he was, his beautiful smile and gentle aura pulling me in, filling me up with the most delicious feelings. I had no idea that one day we would be married.


Anvilcloud said...

I didn’t know where this was going and if it were real or fiction. Maybe I still don’t although I don’t think it is fiction. 😀

Wendy said...

Sorry I wasn't clear.
It's real.
I took way too much time between posts. If you go back to my last 2 you'll get more of a complete story.

I met a man on a cruise ship, Holland of America, back in March 2019. I was a widow and he divorced. Neither one of us was looking for a mate, a partner, a husband/wife. We were attracted almost instantly and spent most of the cruise just talking.

I've moved to Oklahoma and yes, we're married. A big change from Quebec, but I followed my heart. Sold my house and left family and friends. I am writing a book about it.

Thanks for your comment.